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I have 2 cats, honestly we never gave them names just Paws and no Paws

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My brother has also had I dog named Gypsie for about 9 months now. However when he moved out is I believe August or September he was not able to take her with him until he can get the money to have her in his apartment. Until then she is living with us and even though she is technically my brothers dog I consider her my dog too since she has lived with me and my family for about 9 months.

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I also did for the longest time have a dog named Jasmine. She sadly passed away last year but we had her since I was a toddler but I loved her very much.

Other past pets include: Fish, 2 turtles and lots of past cats. They were not very nice.
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My question why are they in the washer
They jumped in there and I don't know why. They were just in there and my mom thought it was funny and took a picture. Don't worry we didn't wash them, they are very much alive.
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^ Did something very similar with my cats. In fact, it was the same exact thing.
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List of weird things my cat will eat goes here.

-Rice crackers
-Chocolate pudding
-Gummie Bears
Remember Chocolate = Death
Don't worry, I don't let her eat it. I just know she will try if I leave it out. Would I let her eat deodorant? Nope.
we got a dog a while back, and he keeps chewing on everything. especially sharp things.
once i came in and he was sitting on the couch chewing on the business end of a razor. XD how he isn't dead yet i'll never know.
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Well I swear my dog is possessed by a demon.She will grab anything and everything and run behind the couch and chew it up. Even if it belongs to you she will growl and try to bite you if you try and take it from her. She once got my Dipper hat and took it behind the couch which I shall never forgive her for.
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I have three cats.

Domino is a fat tuxedo cat with a demanding meow. She purrs a lot and begs for food.
Pinky is a fat tabby cat who is grumpy and meows often.
Amber is a skinny tabby cat who is very friendly but likes to bite and claw.
"do not burn the candle at both ends, as it leads to the life of a hairdresser."

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