Welcome to Gravity Falls
Well this was inevitable. This RP is about you, the real you entering Gravity Falls. How did you get here you ask? Well it turns out this thread serves as a portal to that dimension. By simply typing in the location at the top of your post in all caps on the top left, you'll appear there. Like magic! Wow...

How are you still here in this dimension typing whatever it is you're doing at the same time though? Simple, you have just created a alternate, separate you in Gravity Falls that's wreaking havoc. That or it's time travel and amnesia...I forget which.

Unfortunately getting back is a little trickier. Once you're in, you either join the mission to find a way back home or the mission of generally messing around.


1. No OC characters allowed unless they're just background characters. This does not apply to creatures as you can come up with a new species however people shouldn't have to tell you the difference between that and an OC. >:/

2. Canon characters, ask before you start playing that character since someone else might be playing them. Multiple people can play a character however it must be agreed upon. Character dibs expires after a week of no posting.

3. You enter as you are when you type in your first post. You better hurry and get dressed & equipped with whatever you want to bring with you! (Enter whatever it is you're bringing in brackets on your first post). This includes knowledge from when you started. For example, if you met any new users after joining you would not know them if they joined you in the RP.

4. Also this is you, IRL you. Not super powered you or anything else. I shouldn't have to point that out but you never know...

5. TIMELINE: Begins right after DD&MD

6. Other than that this RP isn't really strict. Come in at any time.

And now onwards my fellow Shackians!

MEMBERS CURRENTLY IN-UNIVERSE (sorted by arrival time)(*= inactive)

-Gravity Falls Girl (going by the name: Dip)
-Hanaurie (going by the name: Hana)
-Avalonia_Cipher (going by the name: Ava)*
-MysterySeeker (going by the name: Seeker)
-Darth_Vader (going by the name: Darth or Vader)*
-Sir Dippingsauce (going by the name: Dipak)
-The Seer Of Dreams (going by the name: Seri)*

-ThaShackCat (going by the name: Sheamus)
-Mystine Pines
-TanookiNick (going by the name: Nikki)


Current Objectives (Click to View)
Group Mission Checklist (Click to View)
(Wearing black Converse, blue jeans, light grey hoodie, large black backpack, dark grey beanie. Bringing a flashlight, Star Wars pyjamas, a bottle of water, a whole stack of books, my phone, Bose headphones, pen, notepad, pencils, a change of clothes, phone charger, maps)

I sat down beneath a tree outside the Shack, and took out my notepad and pencils. No, it was too awkward for me to go up to the Shack, though I could easily just go on one of the tours there. But still, I rather preferred to just sit here and draw. Looking around at the trees, the way the sunlight filtered through them, I began to draw a few strokes on the page.
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* daJoschi wakes up in the woods of Gravity Falls, he has no idea why he landed here, and trys now to take a look about the place he landed in

What happened? It seems that I just turned off my computer and the light, and lied on my bed. Hm, if this is a dream. Moment!

* daJoschi tries to imaginate an bagpack, it seems that he isn't dreaming lucid like he thought first, now he begun to pinch himself

Wait what? I'm not dreaming? Thats odd. Why am I here? Maybe, i should look up for civilisation.

(equipment: Red Hiking backpack, wallet full of useless euros, phone which may or may not work, basic toiletries and junk, pencil case, agenda, drawing book, books: Mabinogion and Coyote Legends, Green cloak, chocolate, christmas cookies, water bottle, change of clothing, aviator goggles I actually own, gloves, broken meteor hammer but maybe the rope will be useful, flashlight and that should be it. Also all this fits in my bag, I checked XD)
(currently wearing navy shirt, leather vest, jeans and hiking shoes)

Hanaurie appeared right beside GFG with their red rucksack. They waved to her.

"Sup?", but then they looked down at their feet and cursed.

"Shit, I wasn't actually wearing any shoes when I typed that..." >:O
I jumped a little when Hanaurie appeared next to me, jolting my pencil a bit. "Ah, you scared me. Hi, I guess?"
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I begin laughing like a maniac. "RAHHHH! It's so good to see you irl life eventhoughwe'reactuallyroleplayingrightnow!", I throw down my backpack and contemplate whether to go for a hug or a handshake. Handshake is easier seeing as GFG is sitting down.

"Uhh...Anyway, do I call you GFG? You can call me Hana...although I'm tempted to use Baron...You know what, call me Baron Hana!!!" >:) >:D
I laughed. "This whole thing is confusing. We're roleplaying, and we're here at the same time....weird." I paused for a little and thought. "Baron Hana it is then!" I smiled. "Well, if we find anyone else...like, canon characters we already know, would that be confusing if you called me GFG? It would be kinda weird if I was named after this town..." I laughed again. "Hey, you know what? Let's just go with my IRL nickname of Dip. Should be simple enough, I guess."
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The road leading into Gravity Falls, Oregon

{What I'm wearing: semi-fluffy Star Wars pjs that I couldn't find a pic of, black socks} {This is gonna be fun xD}

{Equipment: small plaid backpack, a change of clothes, a pair of shoes, my crappy phone, my iPod 5, and the electric guitar I got for Christmas and can't play yet}

I typed the location into her computer and seemingly teleported to it. What the...? I wondered, looking around. Next to me was a large sign. Welcome to Gravity Falls it read. Am I...?

I walked over to the sign and kicked it. "OW!" I yelped, holding my foot in pain. I guess I really am...

After taking my shoes out of my backpack and putting them on and making sure my backpack and electric guitar were securely on my back, I started walking down the road, heading towards the town of Gravity Falls.
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There's a brief moment of my stupid grin as I plonk myself down beside the tree, "Whatever you say flip a Dip Dip..." :3
I sigh. "Thank god we're not in Mabel's bubble....." I raise my eyebrow slightly at Hana. "Well, now what? Should we just wait? It seems like there's others coming..."
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