Alex's new show
(01-08-2016, 07:18 AM)dipperdaffy Wrote: ^That's their live-action programming, though. From what I've seen, Fox tends to be a little better when it comes to their animated shows (except for Futurama and cartoons that almost nobody liked).

He says "and" Blarg. He isn't saying Futurama is a cartoon nobody liked.
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Okay, good, I just got a little bit ticked there. Futurama is held very dear to me in my heart
I have mixed feelings on this.

On one hand, Alex will be able to make that PG-13 cartoon he wants to make, giving him a bit more creative freedom, and will be able to consistently release new episodes, unlike with Disney and their screwy scheduling.

On the other hand, Fox has a track record of treating quality shows poorly, canceling them and letting garbage continue to air. (I still haven’t forgiven them for what they did to Arrested Development.) Lets also not forget Fox has this thing for loving to make animated shows with humor that appeals to the lowest common denominator.

Then again, i’ve just never cared much for adult animated shows in general. A lot of the time it feels like they throw in as many “edgy” gags as they can, just because they can get away with it. Where with shows aimed at a younger audience, they have to work around censors, so the humor is smarter and tighter knit. The only 2 adult western animated shows I like that I’ve seen are Dan VS and Rick and Morty.

Considering how Fox was the one who approached Alex, maybe this means they are looking to try an animated show thats radically different from the rest of their lineup that isn’t another Family Guy clone. After all, quality animated shows with an ongoing narrative are taking off in popularity right now with our demographic. Why not get the guy who made one of those hit shows? Hopfully Fox will give Alex the same creative freedom that Disney gave him so he can work his magic and make another show on par with Gravity Falls.

….or Alex will succumb to the dark side and make another Family Guy clone? Time will tell.

Either way, I’m ready to support his next project. Can’t wait!
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(01-08-2016, 04:30 AM)BLARG Wrote: Maybe it'll be like the Simpsons but with much darker tones, and an actual reasonable lifespan

That's what I think Hirsch did say in some interview Simpsons was a key influence
Well, he grew up with it. So I'm hoping it has the same charm as early Simpsons did. Just with a touch of that Hirsch magic, ya know?

I expect this show to premier next year, at least.
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@SCK: I don't think Alex would ever stoop down to Seth MacFarlane-level humor. I just can't imagine it - he's too great of a guy to resort to that kind of thing. That is, constant potty jokes and sex jokes.

I do believe, however, that he'll put as much time and care into this show as he did with Gravity Falls and produce something quite the opposite of Family Guy. I'm thinking something around The Simpsons and Bob's Burgers in terms of humor and writing.
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So what if it's like GF but without the censors?
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^ Well then...I don't know. I mean, I don't want it to be exactly like Gravity Falls. But I do hope it keeps that Hirsch-charm, even while dealing with more mature themes. We all just to wait and see.
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