Xbox One
I did not create this thread for fanboys.
I did not create this thread to hate.
I did not create this thread for irony.
I created this thread one for one sole reason.
And that reason is:
I need to win a youtube argument.
So could anyone tell me the total amount of Xbox One sales?
Thank you.
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The Xbox One has sold approximately 10.73 million units.
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you did good son, you did good
That guy who likes Gravity Falls, Undertale and Steven Universe simultaneously

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I'd buy one over a Ps4
Those YouTube arguments, they sure are a doozy, huh?
Lol which one Xbox One? First one, or second one?
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^ the current Gen one
I thought you mean xbox 1 not One XD
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woah old thread

monthly Xbox subscription thing available today to certain people, unlimited access to a ton of games for $9.99/mo

seems like a really good deal but i don't really xbox anymore
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not a ship

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