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Yeah I pointed that out before. I think they should all be merged.

I completely agree with Yeshua, there's 0 point in inserting an episode between NMM and NWHS. The transition between those episodes was perfect and some of the best examples of hype up I've ever seen. Putting an episode there would completely destroy that. And I wouldn't want a happy Mabel episode to come before NWHS because it would completely be the wrong tone before the seriousness of NWHS. NMM had a dark and serious tone that carried over very well to the sense of foreboding in the last scene. I wouldn't want that destroyed.

That said a bizarro version of GF could be interesting, esp when considering such examples like Wizard of Oz or Coraline (whichever direction it would go). However because Coraline would be so predictable it would also be quite limiting in that there's not much room in surprising your audience with something original. It's also very similar to Mabel Land...This is a concept that would need a lot more development to work and stand out.
^Yeah, Mabelland already had that Coraline feel to it anyway.
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Yeah it did, and if it wasn't creepy then it would be an entire episode based on something else (Oz). GF we know references things occasionally but it refrains from entire episode plots revolving around it. I kind of like that. Plus there's the issue with continuity, a concept like this begs to tie in with that because it would result in a lot f character self discovery.

Which is what Mabelland did...yeah this is beginning to feel like another Mabelland episode.

You could try to write a fanfiction though, it could make a good one. Honestly, come to think of it, these all come off as fan-fiction ideas. It'd be much better that way seeing as I'm pretty sure next to no one feels like there is a need to mess with the continuity of the episodes we have. At least I don't anyway...
Wait wait wait.
An episode of GF that doesn't actually feature the real versions of several of the main cast?
Why does this sound like something that you'd normally be adverse to, AD1?

I'll be the first to admit that it's not a terrible idea, if a little cliched. I mean, Futurama did an episode with pretty much this exact concept.
Really, the only questions I have are thematic: Where's the moral of the story, where's the focus, what makes this plot any different from just doing a Wizard of Oz parody that's been done a thousand times before?

also not to be a wet blanket but an AU episode where almost none of the characters experience the plot of the episode sounds suspiciously like an episode similar to Little Gift Shop or Bottomless Pit! which the fandom is none too keen on
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The real Dipper, Soos, Wendy, Candy, and Grenda appear during the beginning and end of the episode.
Post any ideas for an episode you have here!
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The Lost Girls Episode Idea

It would be set in between NMM and NWHS and would be a semi parody of The Lost Boys. Idea from Laughing Hyena.

Plot - When the vampires that Mabel used to date come back for revenge, Mabel, Candy, Grenda, and Wendy fight back. Meanwhile, Dipper helps Soos who is trying to impress Stan.

What do you think?
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An Episode Of Gravity Falls I've Always Wanted

I've wanted a horror/haunted house type of episode where Dipper, Mabel, Soos, Wendy, and Waddles explore a supposed haunted house for fun, but they realized that the house really is haunted, get trapped in there, get stuck with different types of curses, have to defend themselves from monsters, and find out who's doing this and why.

What do you think?
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