Animal Farm and other George Orwell books
Animal Farm is a book about an uprising of the animals in a farm in England that is based on the Russian Revolution against the Tsar Regime in the early 1900s. This uprising in Russia was the ultimate birthing if communism in Russia and is the thing that single handedly changed Russia forever. In the book Animal Farm an old pig named Old Major tells of his dream of an uprising of the animals that will overthrow the Tyrannical humans and how each and ever animal is equal. Shortly afterwards, old major dies. And a rebellion is assembled and the farmer on that farm is thrown out. After this, two new pigs start to campaign their ideas against each other, and eventually this leads to other stuff I won't spoil for you. Just read it! It's a good book.

Oh and there's also 1984
I haven't read the book yet, but I probably will at some point in the future, the premise seemed intersting enough.
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It isn't so bad, really, but it really hits you over the head with the allegory. This book has one singular point and it won't let you go until you get it and get it in the exact interpretation it wants. This book also gave an endless supply of ammo for various anti-government activists who read it, but to be fair, most of them didn't even get it, strangely enough. But the prose style is alright and I guess it isn't too boring.
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Strange, I literally just read this book. I...

Actually kind of enjoyed it. It wasn't too bad! Never read 1984 but I probably will.
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I read Animal Farm about a year ago, and it was... Okay, I guess. Interesting, definitely.
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Fun Fact: The first script of Chicken Run was inspired by Animal Farm.
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