The YouTube Problem thread
Okay, you all have already heard about the YouTube situration in the past days.

Here you can discuss about the stuff that is happening on YouTube.

Yeah the FineBros thing going on at the moment is just pure madness. They very quickly censored the comments from the video and then completely pulled them. Talk about spineless. They're hoping people will forget or they'll manage to keep a few of the subs that are somehow not aware of the current uproar. Too late suckers.

I spoke to someone who said that it was a shame they didn't win, that it would end up cleaning up the shitty reaction videos on youtube. Do we really want youtube to be filled with only high quality content?

Yes they're bad, yes they often steal content and make money off it. But one group should not own all of this and be able to profit off this. If you upload a video of your Grandma reacting to something, you should be able to. So long as the legalities around it are fair. Unfortunately, Youtube at the moment doesn't exactly have their shit straightened out so that people who are within their rights are not pulled down unjustly. Good react videos are ones were it is not simply a rip of the video. There are good videos where people are reacting in order to express and discuss their opinions on a subject. That's another reason why this is so insane, there's a sliding scale with these videos. What exactly counts as their 'formula'? You just know they're going to abuse it shamelessly.

It's wonderful to see just how far their condescension has lead them. "If you don't want to work for us what's wrong with you?"


(PS: you gotta love their timing)
me: I shouldn't have eaten this I think I'm allergic
Fine Bros: You're having an allergic reaction?
me: Yes please take me to the hospital quick
Fine Bros: See you in court.
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There was also an "apology letter" they sent out talking about some of the changes they will make to fix the mess. But it's obviously back peddling on a choice they made because they were getting negitive feedback. They think if they say sorry we'll change things that everything will be okay and everyone will forget. But all that does is make you look like jerks again. Finebros screwed up now their stuck no matter what they do. They move forward and everyone's pissed. They step back and everyone sees how much of asses they are because they aren't willing to take a hit. The only way they are getting out of this is basically if they are driven down the pit. They can't go back on their word because they will get nothing and no one will resubscribe because were not the idiots they wish we were. But they move forward and they will continue to get shit on. They're stuck, next move is to keep up what were doing and see what they're move is.
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Well I'm not gonna wait for the Fine Bros to make reaction videos of things I want people to react to besides half the reaction videos I watch those numnuts wouldn't even totch with a 10 foot poll

It can be said with any other thing

Let's plays
Movie Reviews

Also despite everything that Fine Bros has done there still not the worst people on yt
At least the Fine Bros. are making an effort to fix their mistakes. (Poorly, I might add)
(02-03-2016, 04:38 AM)BLARG Wrote: At least the Fine Bros. are making an effort to fix their mistakes. (Poorly, I might add)

Except they aren't.

The Fine Bros.' apology was hardly a good one. They blamed the uproar over misunderstanding on the viewers' part. They did not take responsibility for their own failed communication and instead attempted to redirect the situation again onto their success--focusing not on remedying the situation and clearing up the confusion, but on averting the blame and blatantly trying to turn this disaster of a screw-up into an opportunity for positive attention.

"Our format" was entirely unspecified, which is inexcusable. The vagueness absolutely warrants questioning and even more importantly demands an answer, which should have been delivered much earlier than it was. It's unacceptable for their "format" to be unspecified in the very video that announces such a large change, and it's unacceptable for them to act like the outrage was the audience's fault instead of their own.

Is this all an overreaction? Yes, absolutely. But their handling of this situation is horrid nonetheless.

Instead of trying to redirect things, they need to admit that this is the result of their own failure to communicate and fess up to their fuck ups.
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not a ship

Honestly think Caddy's parody at the start of his most recent update video is the funniest (and best thing) to come out of this whole Fine Bros thing. That and the live video of their subscriber count (which is still going down)

(I'm posting it here, because i don't want to create a thread dedicated to him and he actually fits into the topic of "YouTube Problem")

Well, he took down the original video from the DramaAlert channel and I'm still sceptical if DramaAlert is now dead for real. (No it's not)
Reign of the gnome is over

DramaAlert has a new Host

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