The YouTube Problem thread
There's gnome way that could be good. This is absolutely horrible noose.
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alright i'm not sure if this exactly belongs here but i wanted to rant about this and didn't want to make a new thread for it so here it goes.

i really liked GradeAUnderA when i first started watching him, but recently his videos have become difficult to watch and his attitude near unbearable. i dunno if he's always been like this or if his rising popularity has made him so incredibly arrogant, but either way i have little hope that he'll turn around.

he got an especially bad backlash after his video "THE YOUTUBERS COMPLAINING ABOUT DRAMA RANT (Exposing Matthew Santoro)", which resulted in his subreddit turning pretty much completely against him for a good couple of weeks. whatever, old news. enough rants were written about it at the time.

anyway--i just found this post which pretty much summarized anything i'd have to say against him, so if you're compelled to see how/when/why the subreddit turned against him, that's pretty much all of it.
basically, he responded immaturely and way too aggressively to fans who were just offering feedback, and was hypocritical in his videos.

his most recent video, "Why I Hate Sports Fans", hit a lot of nerves for me (no, i'm not a sports fan). the whole thing felt like a cheap stab at edgy comedy with no effort at all made to even try to understand the other side of the argument. (not to mention just ignoring a lot of pretty standard information.) this kind of angle can be done well, but Grade is hardly self-aware enough to do it.

in the past, Grade has refused to apologize, take responsibility for, or even acknowledge most of his mistakes. alright, this can be looked over: it's entirely possible for someone to improve without ever actually saying they're sorry for anything. the biggest problem most had with him was his refusal to accept criticism from his fans. the description on his latest video convinces me that he isn't any more willing to listen to people now than he was months ago, and that the possibility of him improving is far off, if it exists at all. hopefully i'm wrong. anyway:

If reading the title angers you, please let go of the triggered-ness and deep breaths mate.

yeah, it's not as bad as i initially thought, but here is where i take issue with it:
he's continuing to dismiss criticism of his videos and the points in his videos because they're "just comedy". comedy isn't immune to criticism. a well-written joke should be able to stand up to a simple complaint.
dismissing anyone who is offended by or has criticism for your videos as a h8r or "triggered" is a terrible attitude to take.
anyway the more i type here the more i realize it doesn't hold up as well as i thought and i don't really feel that strongly about it anymore so i can going to stop now.
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I still think it's fun to watch his videos


When he's right that is.

But so often now, he just comes off as
1. Arrogant (as already mentioned)
2. Too Angry
3. Believing his opinion his completely right with no flaws at all.

Someone needs to make a GradeAUnderA video about GradeAUnderA
yeah, his videos can definitely be entertaining, especially the earlier ones. but his current shtick with "i am right, i know i am right, you are an idiot for thinking i am not right" really doesn't work when he's talking about opinions--and is even worse when he's "right" about incorrect facts.
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Kinda sucks what enjoyment there used to be out.

Hey question Abia, what's his fanbase like generally?
Grade lost a lot of points for me when he mocked Markiplier's hairdo and the way he acts, which proved he doesn't do as much research as he "claims" to do. Because if he did, he would have known Mark has ADD and he dyed his hair for charity.

He's gotten too arrogant. And Hana, most of his fanbase is cancer. No better than other fanbases.
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Yeah, that was a bit of a redundant question wasn't it...
yeah i haven't really spent a lot of time looking at either his subreddit or his youtube comments, but from what i've seen both are pretty awful. the sub tends to be a lot more critical, but the commenters are much louder and active. 's a typical youtube comment section, but the brigading and harassing other youtubers is insane.

sure, i guess Grade's not directly encouraging his followers to harass other youtubers (with the exception of keemstar? i don't remember if he told them to do anything other than unsubscribe from keem), but he hasn't really done anything to discourage them. i think the harassment coming from Grade's fans is a bit worse than it has been coming from other youtubers, especially since they generally think they're entirely justified, plus Grade tends to talk about the subjects as harshly as his fans go after them.
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That would require him admitting that something is wrong in relation to him and his fanbase, and lord knows he's too proud to admit that.
“Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don't really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way. Ends are not bad and many ends aren't really an ending; some things are never-ending.” ― C. JoyBell C.
You know, I just realized this. The "YouTube problem" will never end. Ever. This issue will exist forever. It will never stop. There will always be a king asshole on YouTube no matter when.

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