Gravity Falls a Nominee in the 2016 KCA's
(02-06-2016, 11:38 PM)AwesomeDude1 Wrote: Why Do People Care About GF At The Kids Choice Awards?

The KCA are absolute pure garbage and here's why.

They nominate garbage films and shows like Transformers 4, Chipmunks, and the crappy Disney and Nick sitcoms.

They're extremely biased. Why do you think Spongebob a Nick cartoon always wins. Because Nick pays for and airs the show.

No award show should be fan voted because most fans don't see all the movies and shows of a year. Thank God the Oscars and Emmy's aren't fan voted and are handled by professionals.

So does it really matter that GF got nominated for a KCA?
I agree

The Choice Awards is just determing which fangurl-voics is louder. This is why always mediocre stuff gets nominated/winning.


Winners are determined by voter preferences and other considerations.

So, Nickelodeon can just let the money-printing sponge win, without any transparently reasons.

I have to admit with Falling4Gravity
The selection of nominated books is kinda.... lacking of variety
(02-05-2016, 10:11 PM)Hanaurie Wrote: Hehe, the majority of the stuff nominated is...kinda trashy, some to the point of cringe *cough* Alvin *cough* Minions *cough*

I went through it twice though (seriously they encourage you to do it more that once which I find weird). Oh the things I go through for this show...

Scuse me, I need to find GFG and get her to take this... :3


I'm technically a kid, so....I guess I should be voting?

Either way, I've voted a few times, but.....oh god, some of those nominations are......I can't find the words to describe the awfulness of some of the things that were nominated.

Anyway, we all know SpongeBob's gonna win anyway. This is Nickelodeon we're talking about here. Spongebob's won for the past, what, 14 or so years? Jesus Christ, Nick. Are you just scared that a show on another network's gonna steal your beloved SpongeBob viewers? Too bad. For goodness sake, let something other than SpongeBob win for once. I mean, you've done it so much you've even admitted to it being rigged. Geez....
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Avatar won one year IIRC.
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Gosh, you guys need to stop paragraphing so much, it looks really annoying. And, so what? Just because they show options you don't find appealing doesn't mean its a bad awards program
It's more the fact people are supposed to vote multiple times and then that they seem to strongly hint that the votes may not matter anyway. It just sounds like a really messy system. Is it decided by viewers/kids votes or isn't it?

Smells like deathfish...
Anyone remember the whole Teen Choice Awards being rigged or something and the hashtag #TeensDontHaveAChoice and that stuff?

Seems like something similar's going on with the KCA's too...
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There's a Teens Choice Awards too? huh...
^ unfortunately. .....
I honestly don't know what's worse, the KCA's or TCA's......
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Spongebob won.

Not really surprising

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