Gravity Falls The Complete Series Blue Ray/DVD/Digital Set Idea
(02-10-2016, 11:16 PM)AwesomeDude1 Wrote: This wouldn't be the actual set. It would be a prize contest. That's why it has so much stuff.

That's not what you wrote. And also, who in their right mind would make a contest were so much stuff could be one?
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It's just a fanboy's dream. It won't happen, but I would want it.
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(02-10-2016, 11:27 PM)AwesomeDude1 Wrote: It's just a fanboy's dream. It won't happen, but I would want it.

Then you probably should have posted it in the "your ideas for merchandise" thread.
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Sorry. I didn't see that thread.
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Well a trick I do when I want to post a thread is I search the topic with the search tool before posting a thread. Just search the topic you want to discuss before posting a thread and try to be a little vague to reach a wider variety of threads to be 100% sure your not repeating a topic. Anyway, that's what I do when I want to post a thread and I want to be sure I'm not repeating a topic.
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I'd just be satisfied if there was a complete series DVD/Blu Ray release here in the UK. We don't even have one DVD release of the show (most cartoons don't seem to get released on DVD over here at all), but I'd be certain to buy it if it was available. Although I'd gladly import a US Blu Ray release if it was region free.
Yeah, not having it available in your region is just another nuisance to deal with :/
I almost thought this was real up until the idea part and original post

Also knowing Disney we will get several DVDs (MAYBE Blu Ray) split up In different orders not full season

Or theme based ones like examples 8 creppy tales

1. Summerween
2. Little Gift Shop of Horrors
3. Weirdmageddon PT 1
4. Weirdmageddon PT 2
5. Scary-oke
6. Sock Opera
7. Dreamscaperers
8. Into the Bunker

Or some shit like that

I really just don't seem Disney going all out
Yeah, it's not like they have the money... 8/
^ Key Word Disney

Plus Mo DVD Volumes

MO Ca $$$$h Money

In the car with Honeyz

Oh wait...

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