A Few Words For The Fandom
Someone can close this thread if there is another one like it, I don't care. I just want my voice to be heard.

I'm not sure how to start this.

I have been in many fandoms in my time, but there is none more welcoming and interactive than that of the Gravity Falls fandom. You guys have really impacted my life in the short time I have spent on this forum. I have come to make many friends I have much in common with other than Gravity Falls. I've become a bit better as both a writer and a person. Here, I actually fit in. I love the sense of involvement and inclusion from being here.

And just because the show is over, it most certainly does not mean we (meaning a fandom) are over. There is still much to discuss, and once that's done, it isn't like this place will become wasted with immediacy. Some will leave, others will stay, but no matter what, lest we not forget the one thing that bound us together- Gravity Falls.

Thank you.
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That was beautiful. :')
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"We'll meet again... don't know where, don't know when...
but I know we'll meet again some sunny day..."
I will be posting here soon I have a lot to say
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Thank you. I have something to say too.

I don't think I have ever met a fandom as awesome as the Gravity Falls Fandom, you guys accepted me for who I am even if I was the most annoying person on the face of the earth, nobody called me out for it. You guys have always been nice even when I was annoying/sad or anything else! You guys always treated me with respect and kindness. I have never met a member on this forum that was rude or mean. Everyone is super friendly and kind. As sad as I am I have to let go of my favorite show, at least i still have the jokes they said, the adventures and the general awesomeness of the show in my heart. I'm never fully letting go of Gravity Falls. It was just time for Alex to end it. All good things come to an end sooner or later. In this case it was sooner than we wanted and expected. But we have to remember that we still have every amazing quality of the show inside of us. Never to leave us. When I get sad I always think of the funny things the citizens of Gravity Falls said. Whether it's a minor character or a major character you can always count on Gravity Falls to cheer you up. Just like the wheel everyone on this forum has a trait that belongs somewhere, a trait that can help someone. Some people show it more than others. Some people keep theirs hidden. Some haven't found it yet. Just think of life as one giant wheel. Everyone has a trait and a symbol/personality to represent it. I enjoyed my time with gravity falls and will continue to watch it on demand. Like I said earlier. Nobody on this forum will truly let go of Gravity Falls. Even if they convince themselves that they did they still have bits and pieces they haven't let go of yet. One person might not be able to let go of the jokes another person might not be able to let go of the mysteries. I'm a huge crybaby so I've been crying for hours. For me I can never let go of the jokes and how quickly I was cheered up. I don't know what the future of Gravity Falls will be. I don't know if sometime in the future Alex will bring Gravity Falls back. Nobody knows if a movie will come out. But whatever the future of Gravity Falls brings we will always have each other to count on. We can figure everything out together. We truly as a fandom will never break apart. Ever
Bravo Darth! Beautiful post. Completely agree with you.
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Reviving this thread in case anyone else has something to contribute.
"do not burn the candle at both ends, as it leads to the life of a hairdresser."
ready for this
here comes the rant

Well, I've been active here for a year now. In this year, I've met some of the most amazing people, seen some of the most amazing things, read some of the most amazing conspiracies. Honestly, there's one word that can describe this forum: amazing. Before I came here, I was just some weirdo who watched Gravity Falls in her free time. Now, it's part of my lifestyle; and so is the fandom. Becoming an active part of the fandom has been a little difficult - it's easy to be outshined - but, now, I'm welcomed in here. The fandom is like a family - we're there for each other, and there's always someone to talk to. And no matter what countries we live in, no matter how far away or how close we all are - this fandom is like a rope, with strings all knit together to form one. No matter how different we are, how different our interests are, Gravity Falls has brought us all together.
Now, the finale has come and has past. We've seen many of our favorite users come and go. We've seen new users rise up. But we're still here, as we've always been. We're still cracking jokes, we're still as curious as ever. We're still a fandom, and we'll stay together.
For me, this fandom has been a place to escape the world, to take a break. Gravity Falls has slowly won me over and now is a huge part of my lifestyle, as I'm sure it is for yours. Even though the show is over, we're still here, we're still standing, and we're still staying.
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you guys are okay i guess
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not a ship

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I almost cried.

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