Uploading Images From Camera Roll?
Can someone teach me how to do it.
I'm assuming you've already got these pictures saved to your computer for this. (if you don't, try looking up how to do so on a website for whatever brand you have)

There are two ways to put in an image. You can upload it directly to the shack by including it as an attachment. Click on 'Preview Post' to go to the full post editor and you should see the option to make a new attachment below. Select your picture and hit add attachment, and the page will refresh to upload the image. The attachment won't be inserted into your post until you click 'Insert into post', and it'll put it wherever your cursor is in the post.
Two problems with this, though:
1) There's a size limit to your file
2) It's on a separate page, and the attachment just links to it, like this:
You can also upload it to a different website and put it in your post itself. If the image has been posted to any website, just right-click on it, select 'Copy image location' or 'Copy image URL', and paste it between this in your post: [img][/img]
(Don't open the image in a new tab and copy that URL, it doesn't work.)
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K thank you for the help

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