Dipper's Suitcase
In the beginning theme song of Gravity Falls it shows Dipper and Mabel getting of the bus. On Dipper's suitcase in the bottom right corner there is a rough sketch that looks like Ford.
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If you zoom in enough, I think it's just a generic person.
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You can see an outline of Ford's hair and glasses.
I assume this is what you're referring to.
[Image: UTJaZgp.jpg]

It's extremely blurry and you can't really see who it is.
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Yeah I looked it up, it's just a generic looking person with dark hair and glasses. Also a little bit of 'writing' underneath. It does look a little like Ford with the smoke but when it clears up it's pretty obvious it's not him.

I'll give you this, it looks deliberate enough that you'd think it was an easter egg of some kind. Can't for the life of me think of what though.
Probably just a sketch of Stan or one of the animators.
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Nope, look it up m8. It's as generic as it gets and definitely not one of the Stans.

Fullscreen it and pause.
Or maybe it's Dipper and Mabel's father. It would explain the figure's slight resemblance to Ford since Shermie was his brother and the twins' grandpa.

But that's reaching.
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Maybe Dipper had a dream about Ford and drew it on his suitcase.

But that's a stretch.
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