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Okay there is something that seriously bothers me about this show. I've noticed it in A LOT of media but even if I like to use this show as a way to take a break of the drama and put on something a little more goofy something bothers me. I understand this show does what sort of Mulan does, a girls are strong and can be the hero thing. But something that it does that bothers me is that in order to make Ladybug look competent, they make Chat look incompetent. This seriously bothers me for two major reasons.
1. This totally defeats the message they want to get across. I don't mind a Mulan like message once in a while, but this is messed up. Sure Chat has his moments once in a a while, but they clearly establish that he is basically useless without Ladybug and half the time she has to save him. He gets himself into trouble a lot of the time and messes up a lot. I feel the message of girls can be as powerful as boys is badly botched if you make the boys incompetent. Then it makes boys look like idiots. Then of course Ladybug has the power to purify akumas and fix all damage. They make Ladybug look like Chat's superior rather than two partners. For the idea of power to girls it's a pretty awful message when you instead make them look like superiors.

2. The lack of teamwork between genders in shows. I feel instead of making one side stronger there should be a balance of teamwork. While this is slowly improving it is still an issue. On the boys side of things, girls are either damsels in distress or token chicks to make it look gender neutral. For girls, boys are lazy, incompetent, screw ups or majorly underdeveloped or love interests. We need more shows like Avatar TLA where both boys and girls have their strengths and weaknesses, work together and are fully fleshed out characters. Instead we have Chat being incompetent and LADYBUG saving the day making her look superior We have MLP where the females are constantly the saviors of the world while males are just underdeveloped. I even remember back when I was young Cyberchase I was pleasantly surprised starred 2 human girls and 1 human boy. A nice switch but half the time the boy does stupid things without thinking and the girls are alays there to point out his stupidity. The lack of decent portrayal of genders to the opposite gender is very annoying to me. Because it gives off the wrong messages and has a lack of teamwork between the two. We really need to give kids more positive messages of the two genders and provide the idea of teamwork and treating each other as equals rather than girls are plain as bread or goddesses and boys are our saviors or idiots.
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I very much agree actually. That's what attracted me to the show in the first place, the way they seemed like the perfect team, both equals looking out for each other, an inspiring superhero match. But then it seemed to change more that Chat always got captured or brainwashed far beyond the point of it being a natural mishap and I was disappointed.

One other thing I joked about before but I'm actually not really okay with is Marinette's stalker behaviour. Would that really sound okay if it came from a guy? She knows his schedule so he always knows his location and has stolen his phone with the intent of breaking into it. :/
I suppose they try to play it into her cute quirky personality, but I get what your saying. I mean imagine if Adrien had his original personality (Felix) and did the same things Marinette does. I don't think we should be suggesting that it's wrong when males do this sort of thing but totally okay for girls to do. I guess they play it off as cute buuuut. She has reached Donnie and Casey levels of creepy in the 2012 TMNT. I don't think these stalker levels are good messages for young girls. Besides I've had my crushes in school but I didn't follow and track them down. You CAN portray crushes without making it creepy, it's not impossible.
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I think a lot of the notion of Marinette having o save Chat so oftion is most likely added in to appeal to the audience. It's supposed to be "funny" to see him get into sticky situations and makes us love Marinette even more whenever she saves the day. I just feel it's getting extremely repetetive and predictable- Marinette or Chloe in most cases, or sometimes a minor character like the mayor or the principal, usually screws something up; they get someone Akumatized; Marinette and Chat work together as a lovable team to save Paris. The end. We either need to get some variety (which I hope Lila can give us), or a new or interesting plotline (like Adrien's dad figures out he's Chat, or we start learning about his mom or something).
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I think that's supposed to be happening in season two. It's supposed to get more plot according to the wiki, and
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I was wondering a bit why exactly I liked this show so I decided to watch the latest episode. So Ladybug's trying to save Adrian from an Akuma-tized crazy per usual and needs to take him someplace safe.

Where does she decide to take him? Where?!

The police you say? Nah. Pompier then? Nah. A flipping bank where she can hide him an a vault or something idk?

Nah. Let's go with the Louvre where there's ton's of tourists we need to evacuate first but hey least we recognise it.

...and then lets hide him in a sarcophagus. A place no one would think to look, sure but which is cramped, he can possibly suffocate and has no where to crap...

See this is why I watch this show C:

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