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The Universe Reborn
(Okay, it turns out this didn't post a while ago. XD oh well.)
The foxes start freaking out about the invite the young fox sent out. Their island is unarmed and unprotected, and none of the foxes have any actual combat training.
They haven't had any use for any kind of serious government until then, but form one now.
They elect the wisest, most well respected foxes (five if them to be exact, including the first one I made) as their leaders, and start working on a plan for if someone unfriendly comes.
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The goats gift the foxes with some of their older weapons designs, and send advisors to assist the fledgling nation. The lions send advisors as well, and the Republic and the Kingdom begin jockeying to gain favor with the foxes. This takes a backseat, however, to the looming threat at hoof/paw/spider limb. While the Kingdom of Pantherum and Arachnianna race to claim ley line nexuses through out the solar system, the Cliffhorn Republic begins mining and establishing bases within Querrania's rings, and later the asteroid belt. Manacruisers, Spirit Leaves, and starships spread through out the solar system, securing it against any threat.

Little known to them, I plan to expand it. I create a planet, covered in deserts and rocky terrain, and rich in minerals. I posistion this planet to orbit the larger sun very closey, whereas Querrania orbits the smaller sun, within the goldilocks zone. I also create 30 or so moons, and put them in orbit around the larger of the gas giants. I create ten more moons, and place them around the other one. (These moons are currently up for grabs if anyone wants to put a civilization there.) Finally I dub the fire rock Hephaestus, the larger gas giant The Cradle, and the smaller one The Everlasting Wind (Wind for short).
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The mission of the squid fleet is going smoothly so far. They haven't run into any trouble, and are making good time. Suddendly, a shot can be heard echoing through the halls. A traitorous squid has assasinated one of the two squids. There is not time for a trial, the rioting population demands for his death. The traitor is executed, and the riot settles down.

After many days, the lizard king reaches the city, seven of his soliders were killed on the way, but he does not care. He enters the empty City of the three Squids, which is now completely frozen over, with long deceased squds littering the streets. The king is pleased by this, because it means they wont have to worry about food for the next few weeks.
The soliders chase away the mutated bears from the city, and reactivate systems. The heat generators still work, and the ice melts away. Deep inside the castle that used to belong to the giant squids, they discover a cloning machine. The king selects his most loyal solider, and begins to clone many copys of him, slowly rebuilding his army.

The Bleergs survivors continue to expand their village, and decide to call it New Hope. They expand their plant farms, and begin to make plans to create houses on stalks, so that they wont be restricted to living on the mountains.

The wolf empire expands suprisingly fast, and so does their arsenal. Luputropia has already reached a size that the Seldonians only expected in a few months. Hunting parties are send out daily, however they still only take as much as they need.

Far away from all of this, a frog stumbles upon the cave of existence. As soon as sets foot inside, a voice begins to speak to him from inside his head. It tells him to bring the frogs together, to find enlightenment. The frog agrees, and runs off to gather his brothers and sisters.

Seldonia Prime rebuilds the lost districts, which are now entirely populated by lizards and boars.
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The cats of New Whiskerio decide to follow through on their threat against the wolves. With the backing of the Felidae Empire, they march towards Luputropia. By the end of the day, six legions of Felidae warriors, mages, and ninja have breached the borders of the wolf nation. Two legions charge Sniffer's castle, rolling out new siege engines in the form of Starfire ballista that fire bolts of arcane flame and Mole Bombs that burrow underneath the foundations of the palace. Meanwhile, two other legions spread throughout wolf territory, hunting down the traitorous lupids. The last two remain at the border, ready to block anything that tries to escape.

But the main Empire is having problems of it's own. They were dismayed that the squids left, and sent an expidition to see if any stayed behind in their city. They found the lizards instead. Only a scant few made it back alive, and even, then, they'll be scarred for life. The cats are outraged that their oldest enemy, the one responsible for the eternal winter, lives on. The Felidae Army circles the city, while the navy closes in from the sea and skies. Balls of fire and lightning rain down upon the lizards, and skirmidhers sneak behind enemy lines to deliver vital blows.
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The cats should have waited with their attack, as they apparently had not been familiar with the territory of the wolves. Countless cats run into traps put up by the wolves, and get suprised by the many hidden troops the wolves that have hidden in the woods. The few who do make it to the castle, are quickly surrounded. Sniffer orders half of the cats to be executed, and sends the survivors away to warn the remaining cats, to never try an attack such as this again, or suffer the consequenzes. He retreats into the castle, and the surviving cats are escorted to the border of the empire.

The frogs gather at the cave of existence, anxious to find out if the frog was right. The entire frog population enters the cave, and set up camp inside, waiting for something to happen.

The lizard king starts to genetically engineer perfect soliders, making the lizards bigger, stronger, and faster. Soon, his clone army is complete, and begins killing anything to comes to close to the city. The kong makes his 13 surviving soliders into commanders of his freshly created army. The lizards are outraged by this sudden attack by the cat empire. They deploy their clone army against them, in a brutal battle. However, for every solider the cats manage to kill, two more are cloned in that time span.

The hoarders continue heading towards earth.
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The spaceship of the hoarders crashes into the city of the three squids. The forces of the king are suprised, and are overrun by the cats. The king however thinks quickly. He will not let the enemy capture him. He enters the ship and takes the hoarders as his prisoners. However, the clone army is quickly being decimated, so he orders the cloning machine to be taken on the spaceship. He orders his soliders to keep the cats away for as long as possible. 200 of his soliders enter the spaceship alongside him, while bringing as much food and as many weapons on board as they can carry. Finally, the ship takes off, just seconds before the last line of defense is broken by the cats.

The Bleergs survivors follow through on their plans, and create a seperate village in the middle of a rocky desert, and all of their houses are build on stalks. They build farms to feed of the underwater plants. Four hunting towers are build (one on every side of the village) each approxamently 30 meters away from the houses. Their duty is to protect the villagers from the dangerous fish that roam the waters at night.

Back on Seldonia Prime, the frogs are still camping out in the cave of existence, waiting for something to happen. Suddendly, every one of them hears the same voice speaking to them, revealing the secrets of the universe to them. However, due to their earthly vessels, they are not able to comprehend them. The voice tells them how to reach the next realm, and one by one, the frogs leave their bodies and enter another dimensional plane. Only their bodies are evidence, that they once lived on this planet.
Many days later, the frogs are discovered by a boar patrol.

The wolves become more aggresive after the attack of the cats, and decide to double the size of their military, just in case.
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The spaceship of the lizard king crashlands on Bleergs, near the survivor colony in the mountains. He and his soliders set up camp, unaware of the other inhabitants of this new world.

The patrol brings the news of the frog deaths back to Seldonia Prime. The boars are devestated, as they had promised to protect them forever. Over night, the board unanimously agree to leave, and move out of Seldonia prime. They wander many miles and create a kingdom far away from the two other societys.
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The Felidae Empire, though confused by a spaceship randomly crashing on their enemy, take advantage of the opportunity to annihilate the lizards left behind. They scavenge the lizard tech of their smoking corpses, and make contact with the hoarders who managed to escape. They also send their latest Star Galleon, the Librarium (named for the Library City), out after the Lizard King.

New Whiskerio, meanwhile, are horrifed at what the wolves have done. They issue a public declaration against them, withdraw all survivors to the border of the wolf kingdom, and begin bombardment. The Siege of Luputropia has begun.

Back on Querrania, life is continuing. The goats, lionns, and spider are rapidly expanding over the earth, sea, and stars. The Cliffhorn Republic drag together several astroids in Querrania's rings, and use them as the base for World's Edge Station, which is somewhere between space station and colony. They also work with Pantherum to establish a listening post on the edge of the solar system, searching for any alien terrors coming their way.

The crew of the Whiskerio are bored. Ever since they set out, it's been space, space, and more space. Sure, they've found a few solar systems, but nothing interesting, or remotely habitable. The crew have since taken to modifying the ship, expanding the interior with dimensional spells, trying to integrate lizard tech sent from the Empire, and generally making improvements.
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The Lizard King orders his soliders to take apart their spaceship. With this technology, they create many machines, to help them create their new society. He inprisons the Hoarders, and sends out exploring troops into the desert and mountain range, all the while continuing to clone new soliders.
On the other side of the planet, the survivors of the Seldonia fleet create trade routes between the three established citys. Their communitys are growing strong.

Luputropia is now under constant bombardment from the cats. None of their weapons are able to fight off this technology, and they suffer many casualties. Even with their doubled military, all of their missions go unsuccesfull, and Emperor Sniffer sends out a small group of wolves, to work out a peace agreement, to prevent anymore meaningless deaths of his citizens.

Back in Seldonia Prime, the lizards have settled in for a more or less relaxed live. They farm, they play, they occasionally hunt, and rebuild the destroyed city. One ordinary day however, the floor underneath the city begins to brake and fall into the earth. Before they even know what's happening, the Exonians emerge from inside the planet, to take over the surface. The lizards call for help from the other races.

The starfleet created by the squids enters the nest solar system, after a long journey through the dark nothingness. They dub this new system "Discovery". This star is relatively small, and only has two planets circling around it. The squids decide to call the planets Finding I and Finding II. They're not very creative you see. Finding I is surrounded by four moons, and it's surface is a thick eye mantle. Finding II has no breathable atmosphere, and the surface is covered with several meters of oil. Coincedently, the squids use exactly this oil as fuel for their ships, and decide to create a mining station here. No life forms are recorded on this planet.
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The Colony of New Whiskerio, with it's now oversized military, is more than able to spare a few legions to assist the lizards. They penetrate the city, yelling at the Exonians to f**k off or die. There's plenty of planet to go around for everyone, they don't have to take over existing kingdoms. The Felidae legions begin arming the lizards, and prepare for battle.

New Whiskerio also tentatively accepts the wolf peace delegation. Bombardment ceases, although the legionares remain wary. Diplomats begin hammering out a peace treaty, one that's harsh on Luputropia, though not too harsh so as to provoke another war. Luputropia must pay damages to both the Felidae Empire and the remaining lizards, while the Empire must pay damages to the wolves.

The Librarium tracks to stolen spaceship to Bleergs. They, however, are suprised to find other castaways. Careful not to alert their presence to the lizards, they send down multiple legions; one, loaded down with a cr*pton of supplies, approaches the survivor cities, while the rest, 4500 strong (not counting support, whether on the ground or from the Librarium) sneak up on the lizard encampment. Mage-Ninjas release and usher away the hoarders, and legionares begin bombardment soon after.
My favorite scene Remember- EVERYTHING is a conspiracy! I'm keeping: the infinity sided die, the gyphon from DD&mD, Dippy Fresh's Corpse, and *Mabel's Gummy Worm Video*
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