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A website/app that you play as a god of your own little hero/heroine who goes on an awesome life adventure doing weird quests whilst slaying random monsters, joining guilds enabling you to talk to other gods, and building various things to help celebrate you as a god! It's the pretty much the funnest RP game where you hardly have to do anything but check up every so often on your guy to make sure they're okay game I've ever played. I recommend all of you to play it.
You'd really like it!
My heroine is Saint Marasphica of the guild 'Misfits Are Us" and my god name is Almighty Globrob, be sure to look around for me.
See ya!

So this is apparently what it looks like. It's free as well...maybe I play, dunno. It reminds me of what we're doing in the Universe game.
It's better. Way better. Trust me
I made my hero Quentin Trembley
Amazing. That's actually fits quite well too!
Shine on you Crazy diamond...
Verily. Added you as a friendo. Was a bit disappointed I couldn't make his motto the one about the gigantic man eating spiders but oh well. It's alright game, nice and goofy.
Quote:06:26 PM
Saint Marasphica and I both wanted to buy the gentleman's top hat, so the trader auctioned it. After a fierce and stressful hour, the price soared to 1608 coins and I emerged as the winner.

*nods in approval*
Hey can you get your hero to learn specific skills? Trembley's very enthusiastic about his Elbow Nibbling but looking at the list some look really fun...

Quote:10:29 PM
I had to buy this Batman's cowl; it just called out to me. It might have sounded a bit like a muffled high-pitched version of the trader, but I distinctly heard it say, “Buy me, Quentin Trembley! Buy me!”

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