Gravity Falls: Deep Woods
Hello my fellow Fallers, it's been a while since I shared some progress with you on the fanmade season 3 I have been planning. But finally, i can give you guys some updates on it. We found a title for the project, which is "Gravity Falls: Deep Woods", so that should clear up any confusion about the name of this thread, at least i hope so.

I can also finally present the official preview for our first episode "Quest for the Northwest"!

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Looks good. Who did the voices?
Made by FunnyFany
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(05-11-2016, 11:18 PM)DuckHuntDog Wrote: Looks good. Who did the voices?

Jeff was voiced by the reddit user AndrewSaidThis, and reddit user Waddles-inc voiced "Gnome 1".

The Rebel Gnome and Glen were voiced by yours truly.
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Yay, voices were found! And I was beginning to think we weren't doing Fanon!Season 3 anymore since some members were leaving, but it's still going, yay! The animation was great too, looks just like the show's storyboards probably would! :D
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This looks really really good.
oh my gosh, this is great!
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Looks good

Question is this a prequel to Tourist Trapped or the events before
(05-12-2016, 12:39 AM)Dimmu Pines Wrote: Looks good

Question is this a prequel to Tourist Trapped or the events before

Nope, this episode is set between The Stanchurian Candidate and The last Mabelcorn!

Also, thanks you guys!
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Looks great so far! I can't wait to see the end product. :]
Wowie, that looks fantastic! I love the establishing shot, and the character and production design definitely mimics the show (minus the finer details, color and lighting of course, though the shading is awesome) — and in particular I feel you guys really nailed the eyebrows. I felt the pacing was a bit slower than that of the show (mainly with the dialogue), but maybe that's just the low FPS messing with my perception, I'm not sure.

Visuals aside, the vocal performances were very good (especially the guy doing Jeff) and the music was very well done — for me the scene when the gnomes turn on Jeff immediately evoked a similar scene from Gideon Rises, and I think these kinds of subtle allusions are excellent.

I'm really excited to see more, do you have any more sneak peeks coming soon? If not clips, then perhaps stills or concept art?

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