Gravity Falls: Deep Woods
(10-03-2016, 04:31 AM)MysterySeeker Wrote: Hey guys, we uploaded another preview for Quest for the Northwest today!

Great work seek also did you voice anyone this time or no
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^ The Bitter End
Damn, top tier as always.
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Noice, Seekmeister.
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Once again, top notch.
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Wow, whomever voiced Mabel was EXCELLENT!

oh funk gotta dronk my honk
Wow awesome job! You did great job of capturing the spirit of the show, there were moments it felt like an actual GF episode and I laughed a few times. Good job!
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That one was really brilliant!
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If only Gravity Falls had seen and used this unique writing system.....
BLARG did a good job as Soos
thanks man, didnt really do my best though
Shine on you Crazy diamond...

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