Moana (Walt Disney Animation, November 2016)
Well I am still hyped up as hell, cause I just got back from seeing it with my other bestie who loves Disney as much as I do.
I freaking loved it! My only real issue is that the beginning really hammers in a lot of Disney tropes so at first it really feels like retracing Disney formulas. But once the plot starts going it is just awesome I freaking loved it. I also love the culture which is a wonderful contrast to the typical princess in a castle formula. The music is so freaking awesome "How far I'll Go" is Let it Go for me, I actually had tears of joy in my eyes listening to it and I even love "You're Welcome". But even the background music is wonderful, I was swept away by how much I loved the music. The best way I can describe the movie is just absolutely enjoyable, I had a big smile on my face the whole way through.
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This movies on Netflix now never seen it might give it a watch

People who seen it how is it
I thought it was great. The pacing might be off a bit, but it's a worthy addition to the Disney canon.
I am never gonna look at this movie the same way again.

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I can't tell weather I like or hate the music in this movie either way it's been stuck in my head ever since

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