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Jasper Pines is a 13 year old Trans boy who meets Dipper and Mabel to help them solve mysteries and fight off monsters.
He was born a year before the Pines twins but due to an accident was lost and was raised by wolves just outside Gravity Falls. He always keeps a pillow cursed by Bill with him at alll times because he believes it's a good luck charm
He moved into Gravity Falls proper around the same time Dipper and Mabel arrived, camping out in the woods and discovering the paranormal. He starts having dreams with Bill in them where he first discovers his telekinetic powers, which he uses to beat Bill. Shortly after he meets Dipper and Mabel while they're on an adventure where he saves them and becomes their friend, but they don't know they're lost lost siblings yet.
Because of hes upbringing Jasper is faster and stronger than either of the twins and is good at fighting off monsters; Eventually during their adventures he starts to develop a crush on Dipper. After Into the Bunker when Wendy friendzones Dipper, he confides in Jasper as he cries into his shoulder and he pats Dipper on the back
Jasper Pines is good at: Football Soccer Tennis Track and Field Mystery Hunting Swordfighting And Talking People into working with Him
Likes: Dipper Stanford Shipping Friendship And The Song "Try Everything"
Dislikes: Waddles Bill Cipher and Transphobic people
Personality: Due to not having a lot of human friends during early childhood Jasper is shy around other people which makes him seem cute and draws people in
He is also brave and fights off monsters to protect the people he becomes friends with in Gravity Falls
Jasper eventually professes his love for Dipper and they date right before Weirdmageddon where his experienc living in the woods helps Dipper track down Mabel's bubble. They say a brief and heartfelt goodbye so Jasper can continue to help people escape from Bill during the Oddpacolyspe before joining up with the Pines to help defeat Bill.
Holy shit I want to die How do you fanfiction writers seriously create characters like this and not realize just how fucking stupid they are JFC
Thank you for reading
Please explain.
(06-27-2016, 11:11 PM)Hanaurie Wrote:
Please explain.
I put as much of the cliches of GF OC's into one character, to make fun of those people who make these Mary Sue characters wihout foresight.
I made an OC and am sharing it! :DKill me
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(06-27-2016, 10:00 PM)Ontheceiling Wrote: Holy shit I want to die How do you fanfiction writers seriously create characters like this and not realize just how fucking stupid they are JFC

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Oh shit

You fanfiction writers gonna let him do you like that?

Flame him the fuck up
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he's right tho

do you even deviantart
He didn't even create it in a formatted list
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