Anyone want to gravity falls rp?
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2 years later (Gravity falls RP,Read au)

2 years after wierdmageden- Dipper and Mabel come back to gravity falls.When they stumble over the bunker finding a very well hidden chamber and a frozen women (my oc ) in there.Now ford has to talk about his past

Gravity falls Characters:Mabel,Dipper,Stan,Ford,Soos And Wendy(Needed for RP )

My oc
Eleanor smith
Full name: Jemima Ginevra Cynthia Smith
Cockney accent
Can be aggressive but not very often

Born in south London
Date of birth:6/3/1952
Has a stronger upper right punch
Was born with one leg
Has 5 brothers
Has 7 nieces and nephews

Blonde hair
Brown eyes

Eleanor's life

Childhood and teenage years
She was born in south London on the 6/3/1952,her leg was not fully formed when she was born so only has one full leg the other goes to the knee then is just a stub.She grew up in a slum were many were sick and childern were able to run in the street with no supervision.She learned to defend herself very quickly with her brothers always starting wrestling matches with her and each other.She was seen as a little sister by most of the boys she meet or had a crush on.As she became a teenager her passion for science kicked in and she started doing experiments and studying with many of her science teachers after school to get a good enough grade to go to college.She wanted more for her life than the slum,she wanted a house of her own without having to share with so many other family's.Her parents were so proud when she got her letter and scholarship to a college in America,she was overjoyed as had always wanted to go to America but just didn't have the money.

College life -1970s
She met Ford after the welcoming ceremony,they soon became friends because of there Odd body situations.Like fords six fingers and her one leg.She spent all her time in college with ford and mcgucket moved to gravity falls with ford.

Got frozen by ford cause he couldn't let go..

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"Check it out Dipper, I successfully bezazzled my face! Blink! Ow..."

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