Pokémon Go
Has anyone managed to defeat a gym yet? If so, what's your best strategy for doing so?
lost pretty badly at both nearby gyms today, whoops. looks like it's mostly red team in my area. i'm on yellow.

ran into quite a few people playing the game while i was out. tomorrow i'll need to take some food or money or something. the weather this week has been nice for walking, mostly cool with a little bit of light rain. once it heats up i'll probably be playing a lot less often.

really wish the game had some more tutorials and general instruction in with it.
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I found out a couple people at my work have been playing Pokemon Go, I haven't got it yet.
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question: I've got a Gastly with CP67 and a Haunter CP18. Which should I transfer? Is there any candy/stardust difference in transferring Pokémon with higher CP? Right now I think I'm just going to transfer the Haunter and evolve the Gastly later, but I'd like to be sure.
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I think you always get 1 candy when you transfer.
Also the app is releasing within a few days in Europe.
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(EDIT: oh sweet, hopefully soon)
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>In a few days

So, this means very lately or never
**Cries deeply**
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Good. I'll finally be able to catch me Pokémahns.

And hopefully find a Mewtwo on my bathtub. Hopefully.
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(07-11-2016, 06:31 PM)Sir Dippingsauce Wrote: Good. I'll finally be able to catch me Pokémahns.

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Catch me, if you can!

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