Social Justice and Activism
Honestly some of this feels like diversity for diversity's sake. People are different because they want to be different. Sometimes I think that these genders are tailored just so they can tick people off, and thus we are in the crosshairs of a never ending war. People who get offended vs the people who offend them.

I'll edit this post later, I have a lot more to say.
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Here's my whole stance on all of this: I don't hate feminism. Heck, quite the contrary. I respect these women who strive out to say they can do the same things as us men, which is true. They also don't think every single male specimen on this planet is comprised of bull excrement.

Which is where feminazis come in. These people are deplorable, absolutely mentally unhinged, hypocritical, self-righteous loudmouths who do a lot more harm than good, if you can even come up with a case for that. Extremists are the worst in every kind of group or religion, and these women are no exception. They're venting out their own rage and biased feelings onto the male gender, not addressing their, quite frankly, mindboggling opinions in regards to only a good part of men who are complete and utter scum, but shamelessly generalizing every single male on this planet, be them an old man, an adult, a child or even a freaking baby as absolute cancer. And the fact that they're now influencing social media complaining about things that didn't really deserve an outrage (that billboard of X-Men Apocalypse where the titular character is choking a female mutant, as it happens in the movie since he's the goddamn villain) and that is really irritating me.

Also, this image:

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
I don't think the blatant hypocrisy here needs to be discussed further because that image says everything. These women are projecting their possibly personal life experiences and passing them out as if their concerns were objectively and rightfully something all women should be concern about and think of all males as repulsive, perverted creatures. Rape is a serious issue to talk about, but not the way they go with it. They also seem to ignore the fact that, believe it or not, women raping men is also something, albeit much less frequently, that happens. And what do they do in reaction to some of these cases? They laugh, saying things like "Oh my god, he got raped by two women, what a moron xD" and "He deserved it!"

Those are my views on it. Sorry if I rambled for a bit, but stuff like this bugs me a little. I try to not let me bother it as much anymore.
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So is this thread also to discuss the SJWs? Because I've got some things to discuss.

Right now all I can think to talk about is their need to label everything as a social construct. From stereotypes to reality, everything must be labelled as something society set up to keep people "in their place". I haven't actually done research on the subject, so I could be wrong. Still a thought though.
"do not burn the candle at both ends, as it leads to the life of a hairdresser."
I've really enjoyed reading through this, and I'm going to input my opinion on feminism. It's quite similar to Sir Dip's but whatever.

Feminism is something that's very misunderstood. People assume that all feminists are feminazis - people that create outrage over minor things and force their feminism on everything - it's completely the wrong idea. I've heard people say that feminism needs to die, and that all feminists are crazy. They don't realise that the feminazis that they are really talking about are the vocal minority. Feminism isn't about man-bashing and FEMALE MASTER RACE and SWJs. It's about equality for both genders, and sadly most people don't know that. It's about women being able to walk on the street and not be catcalled or sexually assaulted. It's about trying to prevent 'toxic masculinity' (which is a whole other issue I'll talk about later), and dispelling gender roles and stereotypes. It's about closing the wage gap between genders. It's about equality, not favoring one gender over another - the name is misleading. I say I am a feminist - but not the kind I'm about to talk about.

A lot of the feminazis are just feminists taking things too far. Things that shouldn't be controversial are made to be so by them - such as that X-Men billboard. The femenazis are just....well, extremists. Sir Dip summed it up perfectly, and there's not much I can add there. They are biased towards men, generalizing them, and have their own crazy opinions on things that are not really what feminism is about (see that picture Sir Dip posted before) As I said before, they're the vocal minority, and they're the ones giving feminists are bad rep as entitled human beings. Another problem with these types of people is that to say "look, women can do everything men can," they tend to put down the other gender (again, see that picture). Again, as I said before, most people think that feminism is this kind of extremist behavior. While I do think that more people need to learn that it isn't what feminism is, I also don't think we should be the ones forcing it onto people. After all, that would make us almost as bad as them.

Toxic masculinity is also included in feminism. It's about the dangerous ideals that young boys and others are often taught. Ever heard "be a man" or "you fight like a girl" or "boys don't cry" or "toughen up" or things along those lines? It's all that kind of masculinity that's being told to boys. I've heard it being said to my brothers, cousins, too many people. I've heard it being being frequently mentioned and implied in the media and TV shows (including Gravity Falls, though GF put a positive message at the end - that strength and toughness isn't necessarily being a man.) It's reinforcing the idea that to be a 'man' you have to be tough, strong, and more or less better than everyone, and that signs of emotion are weaknesses - which simply isn't true. Maybe this sounds a bit SJW here, but it's a bit hard to explain. I'll elaborate more when I'm not as pressed for time as I am now.

Complete gender equality is something that's hard to achieve. We've had centuries of prejudice against women, and feminism is trying to narrow the gap.
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From the Wikipedia page on the Nanking Massacre:

Quote:Sons were forced to rape their mothers, fathers were forced to rape their daughters. ... Monks who had declared a life of celibacy were also forced to rape women.

Does this phrasing seem wrong to anyone else? The way it's written goes out of its way to avoid saying that men were raped (or maybe I'm just misinterpreting). Instead they became the aggressor... which isn't what happened. Neither victim was an aggressor, neither victim was a rapist. Those titles being to the people who actually forced the sex.
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I don't get the whole "gender spectrum" thing. I find it confusing.

There's two genders, make and female, and the nonbinary thing is just a social construct attempt to not be in the traditional "masculine" or "feminine" traits. Biologically there's just the two genders, and psychologically? Who says that boys HAVE to like one thing and girls HAVE to like another thing? If we're going by "traditional interests" (boys like sci-fi, horror and explosions, girls like fashion, etc) then someone could make the argument that I'm... whatever the heck is on the "gender spectrum" of a girl who has more masculine psychological traits (I don't have a thing for fashion as much and I adore actiony things). I'm still definitely a girl. People can like what they like, but genders are biological.

Maybe someone else could enlighten me? I just don't get why it's a thing. And furthermore, it seems to be a recent development, like people are trying to initiate gender confusion on purpose to confuse people, especiLly minors. I just don't get it.

On another note, feminism SHOULD be equality for both genders, and it's supposed to be. It's not "girls are better", it's "girls are equall
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So here's some of my thoughts (and I'll be adding to what other people said as well) on what I know about social equality and such.

Social equality is something that, throughout history, was both taken for granted or abused, and completely forgotten. For example, different genders, sexualities and races have had their points throughout history. Before defined religion, hundreds if not thousands of years ago, people lived how they lived, in their own ways, in their own lives. There is no way to be sure of how homosexuality and homophobia appeared in this sense, but I know that races used to be in their own specific territories, and women have been treated as equals to men, even if that could have been far back as the stone age. Once religion and beliefs in things like God and salvation appeared, things changed, for better or worse. Now, women were to wash clothes and prepare meals; men were to marry women, and have children, and start nuclear families; blacks weren't to be respected as whites. Some of this was misinterpreted, and all of it wasn't necessary. Most of it has been changed and mended by this point, but little pieces of discrimination remain.
First of all, feminism. It was, originally, meant to be promotion for rights and respect for women. It was not that women needed to have a better standard, a more open and accepting standard, than men. This does not imply that they are never treated with less respect, or that they aren't abused and stereotyped. But here's an example:
If a man is to attack or assault a woman who he is in a relationship with, he will be punished and even arrested. If a woman is to attack or assault a man she is in a relationship with, she is standing up for herself and showing strength.
Do you see what I'm saying here?
The way women and men are treated is a double standard. Feminism was created to help women gain equal rights. Now, it is abused as loopholes and reasons why women do extreme things without punishment. Now, this doesn't apply to every feminist. Actually, it barely applies to any. But the ones that act out for feminism, or speak out on tumblr, are sometimes the ones that have misinterpreted feminism as a way to make women be seen as stronger, braver; yet weaker and more fragile. It's even a double standard within itself. The ultimate goal of this movement should be to have women accepted by men and treated no different than the opposite gender. Giving them the complete power over men, and letting them use feminism as an excuse to do things that would not be allowed for men, is unfair. Like in the image SirDip showed, with the women/men's body types: the beautiful woman is in a relationship with an overweight man and the man is viewed as disgusting and not deserving. He needs to lose weight and try harder to live up to her standards. The overweight woman with the man is viewed as strong, brave, and taking a stand. This is not the definition of social equality.
Quote:Social equality is a state of affairs in which all people within a specific society or isolated group have the same status in certain respects.

Now for some LGBT+ talk!
I completely respect those who are in these categories. They are people, like you and me, who should be allowed to live their life and be who they want to me. Homophobia is disrespectful and should be controlled. But, it's the same issue: they are people like you and me, and they should be able to think what they want and do what they want, even if we don't necessarily agree and it isn't necessarily the right thing.
Remember, for most of history, homophobia was regarded as the right thing. It's all about the perspective we're in. To be honest, I don't believe there is the right thing: it's what we believe is the best possible viewpoint, or at least the one we have.
As someone who used to think LGBT was strange and confusing, I should understand where people are coming from when they say "homosexuals are disgusting". It's all a new frontier and we're still exploring it. It shouldn't change our viewpoints on people personally - like, if your cousin were to come out to you, you shouldn't have to believe your cousin is gross and their beliefs our bad. They're your cousin. They lives a life like you do and have feelings like yours. But if your cousin comes out as a strong homophobe, you should be allowed to think of her as a bad and disrespectful person, right?
No way!
I feel that, to be honest, homophobes are more disrespected than those who they disrespect. We're all entitled to our own opinion, right? Everything has pretty much been blown out of proportion. You either respect LGBT, are LGBT, hate LGBT, or don't know what LGBT is. Half the news is LGBT. It would be difficult, for someone born into a religious family, to accept that people around them - classmates, friends, even family - could be like this, and you'd never known. So, if it's not our issue, we should step back. People will be people. People will love who they love and hate who they hate.

Okay, so, here's a bit of a gender PSA.
1. There is such a thing as multiple gender identities.
2. There are not hundreds of gender identities. It's a defined few, but it's more than two.
3. There are two specific genders.
4. Your gender identity and your gender are completely different things.
Let me explain.
Quote:Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity. Depending on the context, these characteristics may include biological sex (i.e. the state of being male, female or intersex), sex-based social structures (including gender roles and other social roles), or gender identity.
However, here's the definition of gender identity:
Quote:Gender identity is one's personal experience of one's own gender.
Here's how these two are different.
Gender is how you are masculine (male), or feminine (female), proved by your characteristics. It does not mention anything about bigenders or genderfluids or agenders, etc.
Except, gender identity is your experience with your gender. This is not your given gender from birth. It is YOUR EXPERIENCE, YOUR LIFE, YOUR GENDER ORIENTATION.
Let's say there's a girl named Sally. Sally is not really Sally. She was born George. She is a transgender. Her cis gender is male. Her gender identity, or what she has made out of her life and her personal experiences with her given gender (and/or how it has been altered), is FEMALE. That does not mean she has changed her gender; it means she has a new gender identity.
Does this make sense?
I know that a lot of people are confused about this topic. I'm honestly not the greatest with it myself.
Also: some people get very offended when you call them she and they want to be they/them, right? And you may wonder, "Why is this? What part of them wants to change their titles if they're a female?" Personal pronouns do not mean you are a certain gender or even a gender identity. Some people are more comfortable being neutral, or, hell, they could be genderfluid and be in their male identity the next day.
This has been sowsow's PSA.

Well, I hope this helped you out or made you think or whatever! I'm sorry if I offended you in any way or got any information wrong; please notify me if I did!
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Welcome to Decoder's guide to all things gay!
I, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community (bisexual, to be exact), have very strong opinions on the matter. I am also dedicated to helping straight people understand how it all works. (Disclaimer: this info is from my own person experience, and may not apply to everyone.)
Number 1: homophobes
If you believe that being gay is wrong, but you respect people in the community and allow them to live their lives as they please, I have infinite respect for you. However, if you are determined to prevent gay people getting married, having kids, etc., listen up.
Does me being bisexual affect your daily life in a negative way? No. I don't come up to you and rub my gayness in your face. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But, no one should be entitled to purposefully stop someone from living their life how they choose. I'll let you be happy with yourself, if you return the favor.
Number 2: sexualities
I know, I know, sexuality is confusing. It confuses me too! My personal thought on the matter is that instead of searching for appropriate labels, just allow people to love who they love. After all, sexuality is a spectrum, not a defined set of categories that everyone fits into. I dream of their one day being a time when you don't need to "come out"; where you can just date whoever you want and be happy. But until that day comes, try not to worry about labeling yourself or others.
Number 3: gender identity
Similarly to sexuality, gender identity is a spectrum. Obviously there are the people who are either male or female. But there is also so much in between. Gender does not depend on your physical body; rather, it is completely decided by how you feel inside. Sometimes you may feel like a boy, or a girl, or nothing at all!

To sum up everything I've said so far,

Next, feminism. For anyone wondering, yes, I am a feminist. No, I do not believe that women are superior to men. On the contrary, I believe that men and women are equal, and should be treated as such. Throughout history, women and men have been treated differently, which needs to be changed.
So basically, every single person in the world should be treated fairly and with respect, regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, race, ethnicity, or anything else.
i do want to respond, at some point, to some of the points made above, but for now i would like to quote some things said by people outside the forum, which i thought made good or interesting points.

so, on pronouns:

Quote:There are like four billion different names out there. We don't worry about learning every single one of those ahead of time. Unless you're a jerk or racist or islamophobic or whatever, you learn how to pronounce someone's name when you meet them.

So I wish people would just treat pronouns like names and stop trying limit people in identifying in how they want to identify.


Quote:There is no need - or even use - to sexed/gendered pronouns - those just add to frustration and social mishaps. My native language already doesn't have sexed/gendered pronouns, has never had them, and it sure does it spare a lot of awkwardness. I also feel that gendered pronouns in very tiny ways reinforce prejudices... We typically don't start by introducing people by (for instance) their race - why on Earth should we start by introducing them by their sex or gender?
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some stuff on the wage gap:

Department of Labor myths v. facts
AAUW report on pay gap from recent college graduates
EPI on whether or not the wage gap is real
NOW on the wage gap being real

from these, it looks like:
there is a wage gap between men and women.
a portion of the wage gap comes from women's own choices, e.g.: going into lower paying careers, taking more time off, being less likely to ask for raises, being less likely to work overtime, etc.
however, even with these factors accounted for, there is a remaining gap that hasn't been explained.

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