Social Justice and Activism

Apperantly this is stuff that JonTron has told in the stream, i haven't watched it for myself so i can't tell how reliable or biased this list may be. Also, Playtonic is going to remove JonTron's guest voice in the upcoming Yooka-Laylee with a day one patch.

Jon tweeted out this that he completly respects the choices of the development team, since it's a private company and have all rights to do so.

While Jon takes the whole controvery around him pretty calm and he understands/realises that he may not have worded his view points perfectly, people are raging that "it's censoring" or that it's "violating free speech".

This comic describes perfectly what free speech actually means (Click to View)

On my part, I haven't really watched his videos regularly or only watched them when someone added them into the CyTube. So, i may not be as emotionally attached to the whole controvery as unlike other people are.
So, gonna hope this isn't taken the wrong way but I have a question about the mention of tribalism in that list. I thought it was just the theory that humans tend to form groups over commonalities such as country, cities, towns, family, race, gender, religion, etc and will fight and defend those identified in that group seeing as we are a species that depends on groups to survive.

It doesn't mean it's the right way to go about things but rather something to overcome. It's not an argument for keeping people in separate factions because if we're going to claim to be more than just animals we might as well start fucking acting like it.

But apparently the word is also used in favour of maintaining separate 'tribes'?

4 minutes 17 second podcast about testing drugs on males v. females, worth a listen if you have the time
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not a ship
revive-ish of the jontron controversy because people are pissed that they kept JonTrons voice in A Hat In Time (BTW a great game), despite he paid like 1000$ years ago for the highest tier during the kickstarter campaign to have a voice cameo.
Sounds like the right decision from that information. It's not exactly easy nor right to pay someone back for something. And it's not like it's going to make me want to go back and watch his content again so why should I let that get it the way of enjoying a game so many people worked so hard to make?

Here's another one: the political shit storm following the wake of Star Trek Discovery. I can't believe some of the criticisms being made. Namely because they pay way to much time reading up on the creators comments and views drummed up in the media than actually watching the show.
Haven't seen Discovery yet, so I can't exactly comment.
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Haven't heard much of the shit storm, the only thing that was for some reason newsworthy is that the board computer uses Windows

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