Stranger Things
It's that new Netflix show everyone's talking about.

Plot Summary: It plays in the 80s of Indiana and is about a 12-yr old boy who goes by the name of Will Byers being vanished.

It has science fiction, horror, mystery and supernatural elements.

If you want to check it out for yourself, get the free month on Netflix and watch the show.

I watched only for now the first episode and it was good.
This show has an Amblin 80's vibe that calls to me so much. Still haven't seen it (will start to this weekend), but from what I've heard and seen about it, it's like I'm a kid again watching E.T. They seem to have successfully recaptured those vibes more so than Super 8.
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I'm on episode 4, so far it's easy to see why fallers are latching onto this.

Currently at Episode 4

(It's so good)
About to watch episode 7

Nancy is an idiot.

"The boss of Netflix has said the streaming service would be “dumb” not to commission a second season of Stranger Things, the 80s supernatural thriller that has proved the hit of the summer."
It's all those needy Fallers looking for something to fill the void.
I just finished the first episode. It was bad.

The whole thing was cliched and uninspired. Boy, those kids sure are nerdy! It really does suck to see our lovably geeky, unpopular protagonists bullied by generic jocks! Oh dear, I sure do hope that straight A student doesn't fall to the wily charms of that cool slacker kid!

The only remotely interesting parts were the scenes that actually featured Will and that overweight restaurant guy, and even those weren't great. The majority was just slow, trope-filled bullshit that was incredibly boring to sit through.

What is so appealing about this? Is it supposed to be like that?
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It's probably the 80's feel and promise of a supernatural suspense horror.

Yes the bullies are annoying (thankfully there's very little of them) however I will point out Steve was a not a cardboard cut out and is actually a surprisingly likeable character (far more than Jonathan who granted is presented as being the destined lover or whatever for some reason even though he is, frankly creepy and has far less personality and development in my opinion). Steve feels like a real person, an inversion of that stereotype, he's the cool popular kid who's a little horny, but he really isn't a bad person.

The main heroes, the children are probably very appealing to people because they recall 80's adventure stories like the Goonies except they're less flat stereotypes (although I do dislike how conflict is forced within these kids, especially in the case of Lucas).

The thing that bugs me so far is the handling of Barb. Everyone's attention is focused on finding the little kid Will but Barb? :/ I dunno, it bugs me how she's forgotten, like she's not as important to people. I don't know how to fully explain why I latched onto this character within the short amount of time she was shown. Maybe because a lot of these characters do feel like tropes and Barb just feels more real?

Episode 7 (Click to View)
I do like Steve; he's everything I could ask for in a man. I think Nancy is annoying and flat though.

Starting episode 2 now. Only 10 minutes in. It's not great, but I do like it better than the pilot. The mother's hysterics are a bit irritating, but she did just lose her kid, so that's probably a very accurate representation.

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There are some things I found weirdly confusing. Not a fault on the show's part, just little things I have trouble realizing. Until the end of episode 1, I thought Will and 11 were the same person, and that the restaurantor was just misgendering him. Until a few minutes ago I had trouble reading the font on her arm and was confused about why everyone was ignoring the D before the 11.
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