Honey's General Art Thread
Thread for my fanart's and regular art. Other people can post too I don't mind. I'm just gonna start with my drawing of my dog.

[Image: CpCi8N4WEAAkVgF.jpg]
[Image: C6WcSq8VAAA1XiK.png] [Image: 58bf3199c9b3883486684133.gif]
Nice job there Honey.
Yes, that's very good, Honeypants! Great work! I especially love how you drew the grass.
I misread Honey as "Huey".

The dog looks... Really good. Excellent work!
Made by FunnyFany
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(08-04-2016, 04:42 AM)HONEYPANTS!! Wrote: No matter how hard I try I can't draw

Pfft pfft pfftdfxdft!

This is rad, yo.
[Image: tumblr_m52ey4vm8K1rshlqco1_500.gif]
[Image: tumblr_inline_orf7p7BnAz1uj5kni_540.gif]
That's looks amazing! Really detailed. Keep 'em coming!
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[Image: tumblr_nyrl1z6Tg11urvdxfo1_540.gif]
This looks awesome! Better than my stuff by a long shot.
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gorgeous dog! gorgeous drawing! i can tell what she looks like just from that :D
oh my godd M E M E S
[Image: tumblr_nlqrmydFVE1u6w1edo1_250.gif]
New drawing this time a fan art. My first attempt at using artist pens for lines and while not great it's still a good first try.

[Image: CqQSW1bWAAEevdP.jpg]
[Image: C6WcSq8VAAA1XiK.png] [Image: 58bf3199c9b3883486684133.gif]
First of all, I absolutely love that dog drawing!!! It's so amazing and well colored. That's something to be proud of, for sure

Second, here's a quick Mabel sketch I did in art class (it won't show up in preview so idk)

EDIT: Ayy, it showed up
It looks better if you click on it :P
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