unable to access full version
aight so

I'm on a laptop right now and I'm unable to access the full version of the site. All I can see is mobile.

here is a screenshot

I have tried:
  • refreshing
  • hard refreshing
  • hot and heavy refreshing
  • clicking the "Switch to Full Version" button at the bottom of the page
  • clearing the cache
  • restarting the computer
  • accessing from a different computer
  • clearing cookies

But none of these things have fixed the problem.
I can still post and access the forum fine, but it's much more inconvenient this way.

Clearing cookies logged me out of the website, at which point it displayed fine, but as soon as I logged in again it reverted back to mobile version.


I went in to edit my settings earlier today and must've accidentally set the forum skin to mobile. I changed it back just now and everything is working fine. Sorry for the bother!
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Oh yeah, I get that problem all the time. For some reason, for me, it seems to set itself to the "Mobile" skin...
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I think what happened is that, if you change the settings under Edit Options while on mobile (where the skin settings are found), it'll see that you've selected mobile version for your phone and assume that's your preference for your entire account.
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On my phone I always just select the "Request Desktop Site" and it keeps it on full version
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Um excuse me?? What!? Was that necessary??
Yes. (I don't actually know or understand what's going on...)
Neither do i.()

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