Guide to the Journal
Hello there dear Gravity Falls fans! I am sure many of you have already read the amazing book that is "Journal 3", which was released just a few weeks ago.

But as stuffed with information, lore, history and jokes this book is, oftentimes I find myself having a hard time finding specific pages, since this book sadly does not include a glossary anywhere. So since I have a bit of time on my hands tight now, this is exactly what I'm gonna do. So here it is:

Guide to the Journal

Chapter one: Ford

Pg.1 - Property of...
Pg.2 - Vol. 3
Pg.3 - June 18
Pg.4 - My continued Mission

Recent Findings
Pg. 5-10

Pg.5 - Floating Eyeballs
Pg.6 - Giant Vampire Bats
Pg.7-8 - Gnomes
Pg.9-10 - Cursed Doors

Pg.11-12 - Myself
Pg.13-14 - My Muse

Forest Oddities

Pg.15 - Moth Man
Pg.16 - Beard Cubs, Portal Potty
Pg.17 - Scampfire, Kill Billy
Pg.18 - Soothsquitos, Steve
Pg.19 - The Invisible Wizard
Pg.20 - The Abdominable Bro-Man, Barf Fairies
Pg.21-22 - Leprecorn
Pg.22 - Stomach-faced Duck
Pg.23 - Question Quail, Cowl, Hawktopus, Woodpecker-pecker
Pg.24-25 - The Bottomless Pit

Town History

Pg.26-27 - A bit of History
Pg.28-29 - Blendin's Letter
Pg.30-31 - Nathaniel Northwest was not the founder of this town
Pg.32 - August 3rd, Young Preston Northwest
Pg.33 - The Great Secret of the Great Flood

Pg.34-35 - The Undead
Pg.36-37 - Spells, Zombie Curse

Magical Items

Pg.37 - Cloak of Occasional Visibility, Crystal Baldwin
Pg.38 - Tie of Posession, Giant's Thumb
Pg.39-40 - Truth Telling Teeth
Pg.41-42 - Height Altering Crystals


Pg.43 - In need of rest
Pg.44 - Ghosts
Pg.45-46 - Category 1: Eh
Pg.47 - Category 2: Pranksters
Pg.48 - Category 3: Gluttons
Pg.49-50 - Category 4: Haunted Paintings and Imagine-based Spectrals
Pg.51 - Category 5: Soul Suckers, Category 6: Phantoms of Pain
Pg.52 - Category 7: The eternal Key, Category 8: The petrifying Rock
Pg.53-54 - Category 9: Dream Hipster
Pg.55-56 - Category 10: DANGER!

The next step

Pg.57-58 - What does it mean?
Pg.59-62 - The Muse has spoken
Pg.63 - July 18th, July 20th
Pg.64 - July 29th
Pg.65-66 - My Assistant
Pg.67 - F is suspicious
Pg.68 - Codes

The Expedition

Pg.69-70 - Expedition!
Pg.71 - Day One!
Pg.72 - The Plaidypus
Pg.73-74 - Island Head Beast
Pg.75-76 - Secret Tunell, Geodites
Pg.77-78 - Camping
Pg.79-80 - The Hide Behind
Pg.81 - Cow Circles
Pg.82 - Crash Site Omega
Pg.83 - The Hyperdrive
Pg.84 - A new path
Pg.85-88 - The Gremloblin
Pg.89 - Returning home
Pg.90 - Memory Gun

The Carnival

Pg.91 - Carnival
Pg.92 Gorr-Icken, Crabbit
Pg.93-95 - The Palm Reader, Ring
Pg.96 - The Carny
Pg.97 - Strange Charts
Pg.98 - Squash with Human Face and Emotions

The Bunker

Pg.99 - A new Concern
Pg.100 - Hiding Spot?
Pg.101-102 - The Bunker
Pg.103-104 - Cooling Chamber
Pg.105-106 - Security Room
Pg.107 - Cryogenic Tube
Pg.108 - Tests
Pg.109 - Trouble in the Bunker
Pg.110 - The Shapeshifter

Descend into Madness

Pg.111-114 - An encounter
Pg.115 - Portal Plan
Pg.116 - Fuel Gauge
Pg.117-118 - Jan 17th
Pg.119-120 - Portal Blueplan
Pg.121 - NO!!!
Pg.122 - Something is not right.
Pg.125-126 - Bill Cipher
Pg.127 - In order to see
Pg.128 - Staying Awake
Pg.129-130 - The Blind Eye
Pg.131-132 - Invisible Ink
Pg.133-134 - Diner Visit
Pg.135-136 - Hiding Places
Pg.137-138 - Codes
Pg.140 One last Wheel

Pg.141 - ...
Pg.142 - ...
Pg.143 - ...
Pg.144 - ...

Chapter two: Dipper
Pg.145-146 - June 1, arrival
Pg.147-148 - Dipper Pines, the new author
Pg.149-150 - June 3, Gnomes
Pg.151 - The Gobblewonker
Pg.152 - Old Man McGucket
Pg.153-154 - June 7-9, Blendin the ghost, Toby Determined, Wax Figures
Pg.155-158 - June 10, Dipper hunts Larry King
Pg.159 - Gideon Gleeful
Pg.160 - Wendy Corudroy

Pg.161-162 June 14, Smile Dip

Pg.163-164 - The clones return

Pg.165 - June 18, Quentin Trembley
Pg.166 - The president Key
Pg.167-168 - Tricking Soos
Pg.169 - Blendin Revealed

Pg.170 - Waddles the SuperPig

Pg.171-172 - Rumble McSkirmish
Pg.173-174 - The Summerween Trickster
Pg.175 - July 6, Capturing the Gremloblin

Pg.176 - Body Swap
Pg.177 - Mermando

Pg.178-179 - Dinosaur Cavern
Pg.180-181 - July 11-15, Stan steals a dinosaur
Pg.182-183 - Grunkle Stan's Mind, Bill Cipher

Pg.184-185 - My Dream Boys

Pg.186-187 - The Gideon-Bot
Pg.188 - Agents
Pg.189 - July 21, Healing Soos
Pg.190-191 - July 23, Wendy and the Laptop
Pg.192-193 - The Lilli-putt-ians

Pg.194-195 - Bipper

Pg.196-198 - .GIFfany

Pg.199 - July 29, A break in the Case!
Pg.200 - Time Baby
Pg.201 - The Infinity Pizza

Pg.202 - Love Potions

Pg.203 - Nightmare Head
Pg.204-205 - Category 11 Ghost, Pacifica
Pg.206 - Stan got arrested

Agent Trigger
Pg.207 - Journal got classified

Pg.208 - ...
Pg.209 - ...

Chapter three: Ford is back
Pg.210-211 - I'm Back
Pg.212-213 - My Brother Stanley
Pg.214-215 - The Mystery Shack
Pg.216 - Soos
Pg.217 - Wendy Corduroy, Computing phone
Pg.218-219 - Mabel Pines
Pg.220-221 - Dipper Pines
Pg.222 - The Rift
Pg.223 - Ford makes a decision
Pg.224 - Infinty-Sided Die
Pg.225 - Probabilitor the Wizard
Pg.226 - Recounting the game

Interdimensional Travels

Pg.227 - My Journey
Pg.228 - The Nightmare Realm
Pg.229-230 - The arrival
Pg.231 - The Refugees
Pg.232 - Dimensional Translator
Pg.233 - My Travels
Pg.234 - Wanted Poster
Pg.235-236 - The M Dimension
Pg.237-238 - The Do-Over Dimension
Pg.239-240 - Lottocron Nine (The Gambling Dimension)
Pg.241-242 - The two-dimensional Dimension
Pg.243-244 - The Oracle
Pg.245 - Alternate Earth Dimensions
Pg.246-248 - A better world
Pg.249-250 - My return to the Nightmare Realm
Pg.251-252 - Quadrangle of Qonfusion

A few last adventures

Pg.253-254 - Nightmares and Daymares

Pg.255-256 - Unicorns

Pg.257 - The Mind Reader
Pg.258 - Mystical Barrier
Pg.259-260 - The true theory of weirdness
Pg.261 - The Rift is cracking!
Pg.262-264 - Enormous extraterrestrial Craft
Pg.265-266 - The End of the world

Pg.267 - ...
Pg.268 - ...

Chapter four: The Journal Restored

Pg.269 - August 25
Pg.270 - The Shacktron
Pg.271-272 - The Zodiac
Pg.273 - Stan and Ford reconcile
Pg.274 Dipper Pines, signing off

Pg.275-276 - Ford reminisces
Pg.277-278 - My old pal, Fiddleford McGucket
Pg.279 - August 29, Paranormal Hot Spots
Pg.280 - Stan O' War II
Pg.281-282 - Stanford Pines, signing off
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
Seeker, good job, I appreciate that.

But it would be actually useful if we had actual page numbers on that journal
I agree with you, which is why I made sure to include them here.
oh funk gotta dronk my honk
This is very useful, you might want to sticky this.
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Holy shit, yeah this should come in handy.

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