Time Twister: An RP With A Twist
Welcome to Time Twister!

Time Twister is an RP in another universe. You can turn back time and jump through it, but you must be careful. This is an RP based on survival.


1. You may move through time, but only 5 post-worths at a time. So, if you wanted to affect something 4 posts back, you could do that.

2. You may use an OC with a bio. You may list one weapon, as you will be fighting for survival.

3. Death is a real option, so you must survive as long as possible. You can turn back time to save yourself from death, but only once every 50 posts.

4. After 250 posts, everyone still living has survived and has won. Dead people have lost. A true winner will be selected by points.

5. If you die, you can turn back or jump forwards other people up to 10 post-worths. You cannot do anything else, however.

6. You can kill each other, but it is not beneficial. The more people you killed, the worse you are.

7. You can join in the first 100 posts.


Initial: +20
Killing a Threat: +10
Killing a Player: +5
Rank: Rank Number x 10

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