Fast Webcomic Artist Needed
Ten months ago, Alex Hirsch announced that Gravity Falls would be ending with Weirdmageddon. Almost immediately, ideas began to form... ideas about what I would have wanted to see included in Season 3. What started as a few random ideas jotted in Notepad became the broad strokes outline of a webcomic... a webcomic I've been desperately trying to put together ever since.

But I can't draw.

I've reached out to a few people, but no one seems able to keep up with the once a week pace that a standing webcomic would have to be, at minimum. Actually, no one who's volunteered has ever actually produced a single page of the comic - and I've often given them months to do so. I'm discouraged enough that I'm ready to just start putting it out as a text-based story - which would be okay, I guess, but it's not the way the story looks in my head. The comedic timing, the flow of the story, and most importantly the perspective, is outlined to be a comic.

So, I'm reaching out one more time. If your love for Gravity Falls is compelling you to draw, and you'd like to draw a serial storyline, I've got one for you. If you're even willing to draw just one or two reference pictures to go with a text story, I'll take that too, I guess.

It's a lot to ask. I know that. And I don't have any reward to offer, except the possibility of adding something nice to your portfolio. But I do have a story. A story that we can tell together. Wanna?

[Image: VaJVTSP-.jpg]
(this is Dipper concept art for the story that a friend did for me)
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I'm up for it, ironically when I was talking about animation. Once a week would only work for a few panels for me, though.
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While I cannot draw comics(especially not QUICKLY) I can give you a bit of advice. (I'm obsessed with webcomics. Like, a lot)

I've seen several successful webcomics that update less than once a week. (I've seen them once a month actually) you should focus more on quality than speed. C:

Oh, but if you want to update that frequently anyway I would "stock up" on pages before posting the webcomic. (Like, draw a whole lot before posting even the first page, then post them one at a time) it really helps the artist, becuase when they have a lot of free time they can draw a lot of pages, but when they don't you can post saved up pages. Oh, and take a short break between chapters, if you have them. Help you restock.

Oh, and having more than one artist can help you with speed. (One can sketch, one can line, one can color, one can shade/clean up, that kind of thing)
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So Tanooki's help will generously get me to the point where I can at least minorly illustrate a text story. Yay for that. :) Just checking one last time, though, anyone up for the whole webcomic?
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