What do you think a revival/spin-off could be?
Obviously Hirsch won't be revisiting the series for several years, if not ever, but I'm wondering what you guys think a possible revival or spin-off could be.

I'm thinking too things:

A spin-off about Grunkle Stan and Ford around the same age as Dipper and Mabel. I think this would be a fantastic idea. It would add a lot of lore to the universe and world-building, and would have some great character development as we slowly progress to them becoming how bitter they were towards each other until the end of the finale.

I also just think it would make a neat companion piece and would be a logical idea.

Or they could pick up directly after the finale and have Dipper and Mabel come back as adults. Meh. Maybe that could work if somehow they both forgot about the town and were slowly relearning everything and there was another deeper conspiracy.
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While I still believe the possibilities of another sequel/spin-off series is unlikely, if they were to make another one, I'd like to see it be about Stan and Ford at sea investigating whatever is in the Arctic ocean and just some more Pines bro bonding.

I'm also a bit more open to the idea of seeing Mabel and Dipper coming back older to Gravity Falls than some fans. At this point, and I have stated this numerous times in the past, it's more likely we'll get a special or specials down the line for the show.
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Id kind of like something in the style of DGttE.
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I would want to see Bill's experience in his claimed "decaying" dimension and learn more about Bill's history in general.

It could be called Greyevity Falls.
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Well I still would like to know what Ford did for like 30 years.
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Soft reboot. Add/take some years, throw new twins into the same or a very similar setting with cameos or outright returns of familiar characters. Throw in a new twist on the old themes, or add new themes, and probably the most important thing a GF follow-up should do is have a mystery with a different answer.

Seriously, that last thing is absurdly important. An example:
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So what this means for Gravity Falls is that the main villain can't be the same, returning characters can't have the same twists as in the previous installment, and above all else, the method of weirdness discovery can't just be a book written by another character - it'd be retreading old ground.

As for purely superficial elements, not a lot of shows like this have cold or snowy settings. Something about white being hard to make intimidating. But I feel like a winter-y setting has a lot of potential.
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I would love to see Gravity Falls in a winter setting. That small clip we got of Stan walking through the snowstorm in ATOTS was visually terrific.
“Ends are not bad things, they just mean that something else is about to begin. And there are many things that don't really end, anyway, they just begin again in a new way. Ends are not bad and many ends aren't really an ending; some things are never-ending.” ― C. JoyBell C.
Alex has expressed interest in a comic a few times on twitter. (If I manage to find these tweets I'll link them providing Alex hasn't cleared them out yet.)

If he did I would love to see some stories of Stan and Fords adventures on the Stan O' War 2.
Also a Christmas Special would be wonderful too.
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As one of the proud realists of the Mystery Shack, I'm going to say this right now: It is very, very unlikely that we'll ever see Gravity Falls return to our screens. A reboot maybe, but even then - it would likely be in around twenty years time, and wouldn't give us new content. Gravity Falls on a screen is done, and the very best we can hope for is a box set (we can dream) or it coming to Netflix.

A comic - or another book, though still unlikely, is feasible. Given the success of Journal 3, it wouldn't surprise me if Disney wants more books. The thing is, though, while I can say that we could get more books, there's a low probability of it containing new material in a new setting or time period. I know Time Pirate's Treasure and Gnome Gemulets (I know that was the DS game and not a book, but I'm using it as an example) didn't take place during the episodes, and Time Pirates technically took place across a huge span of time. But they took place within the canonical timeframe and setting of the series - the summer of 2012, starring Dipper and Mabel as twelve year old twins. Yes, we could get a book or comic with something like Ford's adventures in the multiverse and the Stan twins as kids, and it's possible and would be awesome. But we're more likely to see something starring 12-year old Dipper and Mabel during the summer.
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I think it would be interesting to make a sequel/spinoff with another set of characters. Gravity falls isn't the only paranormal hotspot in the world. If ale decided for the story to take place somewhere else where weirdness is highly conentrated, giving us another protagonist, another story...making some of the old characters reappear, like an older dipper and mabel that come to investigate the place at some point, or Stanford. Make them secondary characters, but key characters. Their role would be crucial in the protagonist's adventure and investigation.

Let's admit protagonist X lives in one of the hotspots. It could be anyone. At one point he/she starts experiencing the paranormal, or has always known about it but was afraid to check until the situation forces him/her to. This starts his/ her adventure and the investigation. We could see new enemies obsessed with power, new hilarious creatures, a new dark masterplan that slowly comes into fruition. Maybe even Bill himself trying to return. And then in the middle of the saga someone appears, like Diper, Mabel, or Stanford or Staley. Or more of them. The protagonist discovers theyve been staying in that place for quite some time conducting their research on the unified theory of weirdness, or in case they came from the outside, the protagonist would recognize them since they've become famous researchers/adventurers. They would explain that there are other weird places in the world like gravity falls, and that town itself contained too little info, so they hope to complete the unified theory of weirdness by visiting the other hotspots. The journals could make a comeback, aiding the protagonist to make sense of the weird stuff. Some of the old artifacts such as the infinity dice, or a memory tube from some unknown but relevant character, that would have important info to advance the theory of weirdness discovery. We could even have some old villain reappear as Gideon, or Bill, who would try to return. however I'd make his villain plot secondary, since he already had the main villain spot before. bill could end up having to ally with the good guys for necessity. We would have a new main cast of secondary characters, each with their own story and problems to solve. Making it similar to gravity falls and yet different, while giving it a feeling of sequel, and keeping the nostalgia.
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