Another Gompers clue in Journal 3 replica?
I haven't seen anyone comment on the following Bill message encoded in the Journal 3 replica: "NEVER TRUST A WITCH. THEY'LL CURSE YOUR EAR AND TURN YOU INTO AN IMMORTAL GOAT SO I HEAR."

This seems likely to be a reference to the origin of Gompers. Bill likes him "BETTER THIS WAY," which suggests he was transformed.

So the victim needs to be someone who trusted a witch and got cursed. I have no good candidates for this at the moment.

Possible objections:

1) We saw Gompers as a young goat ten years back. Immortal is not the same thing as not growing up.

2) Is there any connection between Gompers and a cursed ear? Well, it's a stretch but the damage to one of Gomper's horns might be the result of a curse on his ear.
Wasn't there this one story on the society of the blind eye website where the ear of the guy got taken away? I remember they mentioned the Hand Witch in there, before the little gift shop episode aired.
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^Grembert!! Holy shit, Grembert was Gompers all along???
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Hold on, I'm gonna find the story again. I think we're onto something here...

Found it.

Quote:"Ow! Ow! Seriously? Was that really necessary?"

Grembert grabbed at the oddly smooth absence where his ear had been just a moment ago and cursed his luck. "What the hell is wrong with you witches? Can't you just accept cash or livestock like everyone else?" The witch cackled with glee, as witches are wont to do, and did a wobbly dance of amusement, her bracelets and baubles jangling in a most annoying fashion. "FOR THE FOOL WHO LISTENS, BUT YET CANNOT HEAR! A PRICE MOST CRUEL, I TAKETH YOUR EAR!"

She continued to dance with uncoordinated abandon. Now there were claps involved. She was really getting into it. "Look," grunted Grembert, "you got my ear, you've done your stupid dance, now can I please get what I came here for?" "You should be thankful!" cautioned the witch, now doing The Cabbage Patch, "My sister is less charitable than I! She takes hands! And sometimes lesser organs. One ear is a small price to pay for THIS!"

The witch reached down her own throat, like, up to her elbow, and pulled out a glowing purple vial. "That's disgusting!" exclaimed Grembert. "What?" grunted the witch. "That thing you did, reaching into your throat. How did you do that?" replied Grembert. "I'm a witch," said the witch. "Now sprinkle this into the eyes of the one you deem worthy. But only use it ONCE, or there will be ironic, horrifying consequences, you hear me?!"

"I half-heard you," muttered Grembert, rubbing his earless stump, and with that he crawled back out of the witch's lair.

Grembert stumbled out of the witches lair into the bright crowded marketplace, dodging three-headed chickens underfoot and massive dragon tongues for sale on hooks overhead. A goat chewed on his boots, and he kicked it away, irritated. His eyes darted about wildly, checking for guards, but it seemed that he had calculated correctly- everyone of any status at all was away at Princess Twendeline's Sweet 16 Lip-Syncing performance. It was the perfect time to sneak up to the tower and execute his dark task.

Grembert was just about to make it through the back gate when he heard a deep rich voice. It was Deep Rich the Deafening, and trailing behind him like flies were his wizard entourage, Pifflebert the Passive-Agressive, Mirthimere the Easily-Amused, and Dan The-Constantly-Scratching-Himself-In-Inappropriate-Places-But-Dont-Mention-It-Because-His-Cat-Died-Recently-And-He-Could-Use-A-Break.

"Grembert!" thundered Deep Rich, raising his walking stick in delight, and causing everyone in earshot to cover their ears or pull their cloaks over their faces. "I havent seen you in ages! And you never return my calls! And by "calls" I of course mean when I stick my head out my window and scream your name!" Grembert hastily hid the purple vial behind his back and tried to feign innocence. "Oh, you know me, just busy."

"Busy dodging nicknames!" retorted Deep Rich. "I know why you avoid us. But you can't fight it, Grembert!" he cautioned, "Eventually, every wizard does something which defines him, and which becomes part of his name forever." "Maybe we should call him Grembert the Nicknameless!" giggled Mirthimere the Easily Amused. "No, no," blared Deep Rich The Deafening, "It must be more personal." "Agreed!" added Dan the Constantly-Scratching-Himself, scratching his groin area feverishly.

"I'll have a nickname soon," retorted Grembert, "When tonight is through, you'll all know what to call me." "You're up to something!" shouted Deep Rich. But Grembert the Yet-Not-Nicknamed was already out the gate before they could stop him.

"Boy, it would be great if someone wanted to buy me a dragon tongue," muttered Pifflebert the Passive Agressive, "Not that anyone ever does anything nice for me." The wizards all groaned and one by one pulled out their wallets.
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I made this thread a while back which discussed Grembert and the story's validity. Y'all might want to check it out.
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The puzzle pieces are all there, we just have to find the right way to connect them. We know from Legend of the Gnome Gemulets that Gompers is the 4th Forest Protector. Alex said that a tourist paid Stan with Gompers instead of money, and when we saw the Mystery Shack 10 years ago, Gompers was still really young.

Grembert is given a vial by a witch, that he should use to sprinkle into the eyes of someone he sees as worthy. But only one time, or otherwise it would have mayor consequences.
He then tries to sneak into "the tower" to execute his plan, but we don't know who is in there. And something that would be happening up there, would be noteworthy enough to give him a wizard nickname.

To be honest, I got nothing right now, I'm actually really tired. You guys can try to put together a theory from this.
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Hmm. Perhaps Grembert is repeatedly reincarnated as a goat (perhaps through his own offspring), and Gompers is merely his latest form?
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^Thats an interesting theory since we've seen Gompers age, so Grembert could be continually reincarnated as a goat. Or maybe Grembert was cursed into a young goat, but once he reaches a certain age he'll stay that way?
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I think we have enough clues to construct a back-story for Gompers.

Grembert was from a parallel dimension where wizards are common and have nicknames. It may be the same dimension where Probabilitor the Annoying came from.

The directions for how to use the potion the Ear Witch gave Grembert, sprinkling it in the eyes, suggests it was a love potion like the one in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." If so, it would be used when the person was asleep (it's certainly easier to put something on someone's eyes when they are).

Grembert was warned to use it only once, but it's a common trope that such warnings are always broken. He probably sprinkled it twice just to make sure, and got cursed. It's ironic because the person would have loved him, but now he was a goat.

He wandered away, and was captured by a dimension-crossing wizard tourist. That wizard got to Gravity Falls somehow, and because it was his culture he tried to pay Stan with livestock.

That's how Gompers got where he was, ten years ago.
We do know the Hand Witch lives in Gravity Falls, or did at one point at least, we know that because of the journal, so there must be an open connection between these two worlds, meaning it would be easy for a wizard to cross over into this world.

Also, crackpot theory: Gompers is the goat Grembert kicked away, trying to warn his past self not to use the potion.
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