Shack Secret Santa 2k16
Last year, the official Secret Santa was a success, and we're happy to say it'll be happening again this year!

For any and all discussion about it, head over to the Discord server over here:
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It's coming! It's coming for us all! Chriiiistmaaas

This here Secret Santa is brought to *YOU* by Baron Num Nums and Magpie!

Baron Num Nums:
To sign up, peeps need to reply to this here official thread. With some things they like if they so desire!!! I, Hanu will add their name into the main post. HERE! I need your emails though so PM me to properly sign up. Mark your PM's with SECRET SANTA pls to avoid chaos bunnies

Once everybody knows who they are getting a gift for, y'all will have approximately a month to prepare.

This Secret Santa will be digital, so gifts could include: artwork/fanart, writing/fanfiction, videos, AMVs, or anything like that. Be creative! Please remember to keep things appropriate for the age of the recipient as well.

For people who are not really into that sort of thing, you could send them things like music, apps ect. For these sorts of things, there’s going to be a price limit of $10USD. If people would like something to actually be mailed to them*, they will need to specify that, and PM me or Hanu their mailing address. For this, there’s going to be a $15USD price limit including shipping costs.

Baron Num Nums:
(*If you want something physical mailed to you, you must also want to do physical mail as well. Only fair.)

On sending non-selfmade goodies: we'll post a guide on this eventually. Lets keep this legal yo.

This is how it's going to go down:

From now until November 20th: Sign up. Make sure I get your email yo. And your address if that's your style. You must specify this.
November 20th: Sign-ups closed for good. It's done! :''C
November 25th: Secret Santa’s will be assigned. They'll will be PM-ed to peeps. (Gives us enough time to iron out any potential disasters and junk.)
December 1st: ready, steady, FIGHT! I-I mean *cough* plan your gifts yo, It's all official now, no take backs
December 25th: Deadline for sending your gifts dawg!

I'm a pretty flexible on things as an 'organiser' (ha!) so feel free to ask questions or post yo ideas!

Once it's all over :''( , everybody has received their stuff, we can all share what we got on the official thread! HERE! Feel free to brag and gloat over your Christmas spoils! Cause that's what the it's really all about.

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NOTE: That above text was all copied from last year's thread, from that post by Baron. Didn't see any need to change it, but if you find something that should be tweaked, let me know.

We're aware this is quite early, but we need time to iron out any potential disasters.
In the meantime, let the signups begin!


Baron Num Nums**
Sir Dippingsauce**
The Seer of Dreams**

**indicates gift known to have been sent
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sign me up GFG, yourself too ;)
*signs with own blood*

I'm in (again). :D
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If Romance Academy 7 and Fight Fighters are video games that means there are multiple copies with multiple Rumbles and Giffanies

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(I'd like to be in the Secret Santa Organizing team too, if that's not a problem)

I'm in.
I just joined and I'm already 3000% here for this omg
Also why did nobody tell me a thread was being made
If Romance Academy 7 and Fight Fighters are video games that means there are multiple copies with multiple Rumbles and Giffanies

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of course i'm in! Time for round two.
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Before I make my final choice about joining I must first ask: Does one need to sign up for Discord to be part of this?
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No, not necessarily. The majority of chat will happen on here, the Discord is just for organising the little things. Everything that's important will go here.
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