I'm insane, like, 24/7
Hi everyone!

I'm RazJazz. I'm a mostly okay person, I recently finished Gravity Falls, and I wanted to join a Gravity Falls community for fun.

I generally am pretty weird, not exaaactly mentally healthy, but mostly I try to be polite. (If I'm acting out of line, please tell me)

I hope to get to know you all pretty well ^^

EDIT: If there's anything important I need to know, please tell me.
If salty and bitter are flavors, why isn't spite?
Welcome to the Shack! Good to see some fresh faces round these parts.
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Hey Razzle Dazzle man, welcome to the Shack!
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Welcome! How about you and I make a deal, hm? :D
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Welcome to the Mystery Shack, a place not for the faint of heart or light of wallet!
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Welcome! You're lnsane 24/7? You and me both! You'll fit in great around here. :)
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Insane are ye? Well, you'll fit right in here with us then. xD

Welcome to the Mystery Shack, where everything burned for a while until we successfully defeated a dorito overlord!
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(09-24-2016, 05:17 PM)Hanaurie Wrote: Hey Razzle Dazzle man, welcome to the Shack!

Welp, you guys guessed my secret identity fast
If salty and bitter are flavors, why isn't spite?

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