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Cicadas singing by the dozens really made it difficult to concentrate on drawing these!
Really though, I think they're acceptable for their amateur appearances. You can enjoy them too, maybe! Picky, picky, picky is how I've always been about these things. Too late to change it now! If I could though, I'd transport these to 18 years in the past; surely someone I know would like to see them. Could use a good pep talking.
Gee, what an oddball you've been, CD!

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Added Oct. 02
No! Anything but that, Bill!

Added Oct. 16
Mason with Magpies
As the small flock of magpies took rest on him, the boy felt an odd natural camaraderie with the birds. He soon warmed up to their strange behavior. As they sang their noisy songs, he could've sworn he heard one of them speak in a riddle underneath its peculiar squawks:
"The one with that pattern from the sky!
His destiny is nigh!"

A little gift for Magpie (GravityFallsGirl), for dropping by my twitter. I incorporated both the Australian and North American variants for these 'Gravity Falls magpies'. I like the call and build of the Australian magpie, but really adore the coloring of the American magpie.
[Image: dxmURbm.png][Image: 0vKuFyr.png][Image: dxmURbm.png]

Now that's skill there.
You look an awful like a teen Dipper, don't ya? :P

Awesome drawings, man. Say hi to the other Cicada members for me. ;)
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yo man these look great, please post more if you can
[Image: Eg3lWTv.png][Image: tumblr_mcy2clswjj1qesb9j_by_homestuck__f...699rlh.png]
not a ship

These look really good
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these look awesome!
I'm about as edgy as a ball of raw cookie dough 
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Wow, that teen Dipper is really awesome.
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Wow, thanks guys! Didn't think you'd like them so much.
I do have to admit that I made myself look a little too much like Dipper. The finalizations were done on a night with no sleep, so I'd like to blame it on that. A total blunder on my part.
[Image: dxmURbm.png][Image: 0vKuFyr.png][Image: dxmURbm.png]
Thanks for the drawing, CD! Setting it as my avatar, it's amazing!
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Good work on GFGs avatar CD

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