Three Summers Ago
So, um, I tried writing. I've got a while to go, but...I tried?
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Nice. It's pretty good.

I'm not much for finding flaws, and the only ones I could find were some apostrophes missing.
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I saw those too, actually. I keep trying to fix them, but Wattpad is being all weird.

Thanks for the feedback, by the way!

And hopefully that fixed the typos *crosses fingers*
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Oh my. I like the feel of this story, emotionally weighted. I wonder how Dipper is going to react to seeing his sister after so long, especially when Ford has been influencing him the entire time.
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Why does it say it's missing?

Ok got it working (although now I am signed up for Wattpad :P). So this is an AU where Dipper did take Fords proposal? Interesting and well written.
Hmm? It still shows up for me....?

Also, Darth, thank you! It's really my first attempt at a legitimate fanfic, and I'm glad you're enjoying it so far.
Also, mini spoiler that isn't really a spoiler since it's in the description: not very well.
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That's so awesome. I think you portrayed Mabel wonderfully, and I love how full of emotion your writing is. C:
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Seer and Hana, thanks!
Also, Chapter 2 should be out by the end of this week (maybe). After that, I probably won't update for a month-ish because I have an exam block.
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