Yours Truly - Dipper to Wendy (Work-in-Progress, slight AU)
Yeah, I'm on a "Must make GF videos with a bunch of songs" mood now. :) So here's another Gravity Falls AMV preview! This one's shorter than the one for My Demons, but then again I only discovered this song two days ago. :)

I heard it from Soundcloud and it reminded me of Wendip, and for some reason what came to my mind (mainly in the part shown in this preview) was a kind of post-apocalyptic scenario where Wendy takes Dipper in to care for him, so this is kind of based on that premise... I'm thinking of writing a fanfic about that though, haha.

As for the text appearance, I went through my font library and found that this font called "Bradley Hand" actually closely matches Dipper's handwriting, though he used all capital letters. I considered having the letters be in all caps to make it more as if Dipper was writing it (and I may do it for the final product, what do you guys think?) but I decided to have it be in mostly lowercase for now. :)

The song is "Yours Truly" by Paradise Fears.

So, yeah, enjoy the preview of Wendip cuteness!

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Wow, JoyStar. Just wow.

This video was really great too. It's clear you have an eye for this kind of stuff.
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Nice job, Joystar! Another really great one
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