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(10-20-2016, 11:02 PM)Sir Dippingsauce Wrote: If we were to have different colors for the mod usernames, I'd pick dark blue, for obvious reasons.

Absolutely. It would definitely fit the site's color scheme more.
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Congratulations to Seeker, Sir Dippingsaurce, Baron Num Nums, and Nefari! I'm sure you guys will do great!
Well. I'd like to formally state that since this happened, I'm literally red faced. Don't fucking tell me I'm overreacting because I will find you if you even dare throw a word my way.
^ if it's the mod picks

I'd say it could be better but it could also be worse too

It is what it is
I suppose you're right, Dimmu. That's all I have to say for now
BLARG, saying things like this is absolutely not alright.
The choices me and the other mods made are not for debate whatsoever, and they don't deserve the hate they've been getting. I'm sorry that you're so angry about not being chosen as mod, but I will not tolerate you ranting about those three like this. Even if you don't agree with these choices, you will have to respect their authority.
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Check the chit chat thread for further comment from me.
Shine on you Crazy diamond...
Regarding whether or not we actually need 3 new mods:

I know I was probably the loudest and most consistently against adding new mods. I don't know if I've changed my mind about that. I do think it's a lot of people to put in unfamiliar power at once, and that at its current state the activity is manageable by just one or two active people. I know this is all terribly biased and hypocritical coming from me. I know admitting it doesn't make it any less biased or hypocritical, but hopefully it's a little better than just not acknowledging it.
Since yesterday I have gotten a better idea of how difficult it would have been for one person to manage it all. Is 3 new additions to the team too much? I don't know. Maybe 1 or 2 would have been enough. Maybe Seeker has the best idea of how much manpower is needed. If he overestimated it, then yeah, I guess that was a mistake. But as long as none of us abuses anything or acts out of line, I hope it is a forgivable one.

I don't think we'll be able to tell whether the people chosen will do a good job right away. All 3 of us have fucked up and acted  immaturely on the forum before. Still I hope we are all capable of rising to the occasion--and if we're not, I'm sure you guys will be vocal enough about it that we will either improve or leave the position if we can't handle it responsibly. If any of us messes up or acts out of line or handles a situation badly, please please say so. We want to do a good job.

There is another reason for why we might need this many people, something I didn't consider before now: there will probably be a good few changes to the forum now that we have an admin. Suggestions have been piling up for months because they just weren't possible before. Now we have the opportunity to make those changes. New sections hopefully means more activity, and with any luck, more activity means more new people. If that happens we will need people handing it, and it's better that those people have had the time to get used to mod duties beforehand, instead of all the new controls being heaped on in addition to the problems they were appointed to help with.

There's no way to please everyone with this, but we will do what we can to make sure none of this is too disruptive and that the issues about us being mods can be resolved satisfactorily. In the meantime if you have any suggestions for things that were previously impossible due to lack of administration, now is the time to talk about them.
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I'm willing to admit that I might have overestimated howmany new mods would be needed, maybe 2 would have been enough.
But it's too late to change my mind about this now, demodding any of the three would simply not be fair to them, so there's no going back now.

Besides that, even if we don't technically need 3 new mods, having this many active staff members has no real disadvantages to the forum, apart from them maybe growing a bit bored with not a lot to do.
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I'm super late because I've been inactive for forever, but congrats to all the new mods/admin! Glad you guys finally got the positions you've deserved. I'll also note that I agree with any concept of an eventual change to your name colors because it's still a bit loud. Also, I know you hate me for posting on a dead thread, but lol i'm hatable anyway
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