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So here's the thread. Let me go dig around for my bios...
okay cool I'll be here
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Ok so I got my bios they need some fixing though. First things first. I have an idea or two for plot that are centered around your choice. This explains some of Mystine's backstory. Seer of Dreams and I created this version of Bill and his backstory.

the plots are this

Play in this AU or Mystine gets teleported to the main universe. Either way I need to edit some stuff so brb
Pretty cool backstory. I like seeing bill as just a kid
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Name: Mystine Pines
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf
Abilities?: Changing between werewolf and human at will and werewolf powers.
Family?: Dipper Pines(Cousin), Mable Pines(Cousin), Stan (Great grandpa?)
Back story: She was banished from her pack for something she didn't do. Lives in a cave that has a protective barrier around it. Inside it looks much like a home except most of everything is rock. Bed is rock, couch is rock, everything.
Looks: Long brown hair, hazel eyes, t-shirt and jacket, jeans. Large brown great dane sized wolf.
Crush?: Human!Bill
Likes: Hanging at the shack, going adventuring with Dipper, Hanging in her cave.
Dislikes: Gideon.
Allies: Dipper, Human!Bill, Stan, Mable, Wendy, Soos, Ford.
Enemies: Gideon, The gnomes, Sophie Cipher.
Weaknesses: Her family is in danger, Silver.
Strengths: Her friends and family, being a werewolf
Pets?: none.
Things they hold most dear: Her journal and moon necklace.
Others: She has a journal like Dipper's but it's blue and silver and has a question mark on it. Her mom gave it and the moon necklace to her before she died. Her mom had known Ford. (My icon is her journal)

Name: Sophie (Saphire) Cipher
Age: older than Human!Bill
Gender: Female
Species: Sorceress
Abilities?: Shape shifting, voice changing, Bill's powers minus Deer teeth taking.
Family?: Human!Bill
Back story: Sophie is Bill's older, more violent sister that even he's afraid of. She used to torture Bill for entertainment but when Bill ran away, she didn't really care. She is more deranged than Bill (if that's possible) and hates anyone who is connected to Bill somehow.
Looks: Long blond hair, golden eyes, not sure about her outfit.
Crush?: no one.
Likes: bringing pain and fear to people, especially Bill.
Dislikes: Bill having friends and not being feared, and being called by her full name.
Allies: No one.
Enemies: Just about everyone.
Weaknesses: Gold
Strengths: Shape shifting.
Pets?: None
Things they hold most dear: Her spell books.
Others: none I can think of.

Name: Alex Pines
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Werewolf
Abilities?: changing between wolf and human
Family?: Mystine, wolf pack
Back story: Mystine was banished for something he did. He is leader of the hunting pack.
Looks: Short brown hair, brown eyes. Wolf form is about the same as mystine.
Likes: hunting, his sister though he often doesn't admit it.
Dislikes: being interrupted during a hunt
Allies: His hunting pack
Enemies: depends
Strengths: hunting, tracking
Pets?: no
Things they hold most dear: family

Name: Natalie
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Siren
Abilities?: When dry looks human, entrancing singing
Family?: Siri
Back story: Siren Princess
Looks: long sandy brown hair, seaform green eyes. Siren form: Long seafoam green tail like that of a mermaid. Human: seaform green t-shirt, jeans, barefoot
Crush?: none
Likes: Singing, adventuring
Dislikes: Siri causing trouble
Allies: Dipper (When she meets him), Human!Bill
Enemies: depends
Weaknesses: not being able to sing.
Strengths: Singing, telepathic can some dolphins in any large groups of water.
Pets?: no
Things they hold most dear:
Others: Most Sirens are vegitarians

Name: Siri
Age: 19
Gender: female
Species: Siren
Abilities?: looking human when dry, entrancing singing
Family?: Natalie
Back story: Was banished to the dark depths with all the meat eating sirens. Hates Natalie for becoming queen instead of her.
Looks: Dark brown-black hair, bright green eyes, black and red tail like that of a shark. Human form has a torn red shirt and black torn shorts.
Crush?: none
Likes: Feasting on humans, tricking humans
Dislikes: Natalie getting in the way
Allies: other meat eating sirens
Enemies: natalie
Weaknesses: being unable to sing
Strengths: singing
Pets?: none
Things they hold most dear: Doing what she wants.
Others: nothing

So I may edit more but these are my main characters I usually play with. :)
All right, cool. so do you want me to role play as human!bill
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You can if you want to. The two of them could get teleported to the main universe. I'd love to play with Dipper, Ford and the others. We'll figure it out as we go
ok yeah sounds good
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Alright. Would you like me to start?
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