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Well, I might have a method to get my art over here, but I doubt I'll test it out soon
Well, I might have lied before. Here they are:
[Image: J04xqWv.jpg]
[Image: hsRBdQO.jpg]
If salty and bitter are flavors, why isn't spite?
[Image: Annex%20-%20Eastwood,%20Clint%20(Good,%2...he)_02.jpg]

haha, cool. What inspired you Razz?
Ponchos are just a cheap trick I use to make arms and bodies easier. But I felt like drawing somebody with one.

It might be Rustly because of the rifle
If salty and bitter are flavors, why isn't spite?
Turns out my 3D art project is going to be displayed in "the case" as school (even if its mostly just goofy) so it will be a while before l get it back and show you its glory (l swear it looks drunk.) But l have also begun my my drawing course in full swing so l shall keep you updated on that. l also gotta remember to keep my room clean instead of destroying it l have no proper work space.
[Image: C6WcSq8VAAA1XiK.png] [Image: 58bf3199c9b3883486684133.gif]
been using Krita for about a week now and I gotta say I really love it. the configuration settings are really awesome and extensive, and IMO the pressure sensitivity is an improvement over photoshop or GIMP. would only recommend it if you are painting with tablet, because if you're just looking for something to do pixel art or mouse drawings with, there are lighter programs that should have everything you need. (Krita's not built for pixel art but it's easy to make a couple brushes that will cover everything.) overall super pleased with this, it has a ton of features and the layout's pretty straightforward. definitely give it a look if you need a free art program
[Image: Eg3lWTv.png][Image: tumblr_mcy2clswjj1qesb9j_by_homestuck__f...699rlh.png]
not a ship
hmmm... i'll look into it. (been needing a better program.)
I'm about as edgy as a ball of raw cookie dough 
[Image: chocolate_by_cuppycakekitty-d9lkljt.png][Image: cat_puns_by_cuppycakekitty-d9kuqy6.png]
Here's my first attempt at drawing a wolf:
[Image: Y3u6Akw.png]
That's Crescent, a roleplay character of mine, btw.
getting her promoted to alpha on the site i'm on was my proudest achievement
[Image: tumblr_msneb3uvKx1qe8ujwo8_500.gif]
I need a better free program for pixel art B|
currently using but it's not great
been having trouble with Krita for pixel stuff, it's fine with everything else
[Image: Eg3lWTv.png][Image: tumblr_mcy2clswjj1qesb9j_by_homestuck__f...699rlh.png]
not a ship
#19 is great tbh, just not for any professional art. i use it for memes and it works fine.
I'll keep an eye out.

Btw krita is like photoshop but all over the place and over-complicated -__-

All I need and want is:

>brush settings (size and opacity controlled by pen pressure). Biggest problem I'm having with Krita is making sense of this, maybe I'm just too used to photoshop but right now it looks like there are way too many settings that bury the important stuff.
>gausian blur
>layers of course and changing their settings

I may switch to gimp and try that. Maybe that would do well for pixel art?

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