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I am tired during the day. GRANDPA THE KIIIID!

I'm turning over a new leaf. Literally.

[Image: Leaf_1_web.jpg]

An art i did a week ago. My OC, Rosalie Flamelle. Protagonist of a story i'm developing.

[Image: Rosalie_Copia2.png]
[Image: Ginger3_Copia.jpg]
Bravo! J'aime bien ;)
Thank you! French is such a beautiful language. I'd love to learn it someday. For now i can rely on google translate hoping it won't betray me XD
[Image: Ginger3_Copia.jpg]
It is :)

If you ever have a question I'd love to help although tbh my grammar isn't so great...
Thanks! You are French btw right?

And i'm gonna remake this drawing of Rosalie. I saved it at an early point in developement, and i'll resume it from there, since i grew to dislike this version.

In the meantime I'm gonna post my other OCs, the Waldo Twins, Roxanne and Moriarty.

[Image: IMAGE0134.png]
[Image: Ginger3_Copia.jpg]
I'm a citizen yep although it's not my native tongue.

Sweet, is it wrong I am getting reverse falls vibes?
Oh i see, well, you're lucky to live in France I guess! I've been to some of the cities by the coast and once to Paris.

And it's normal you get reverse falls vibes. That's where i took inspiration from. At the beginning these two were complete look alikes to the reverse pines. Personality wise, I guess these two are a lot different.
Moriarty is a quiet 16 years old boy from a rich family. He likes art (his father is an art trader and the owner of a private museum) and he aspires to be like his father. He doesn't like nosy people and he0's not too fond of technology, but once you get to know him better he's not that bad. i guess he's sort of a tsundere. He lacks the sadistic, manipulative side reverse dipper has.

Roxanne on the other hand is a fashion lover. her dream is to be a designer. Being moriarty's twin sister she's also rich, but unlike her brother she likes technology just ok, and she's a little more extroverted than him. Since she was a kid her father paid for her to be featred in a clothing commercial, and since then she started a mini show business career (as far as a teenager can delve into it) but all the attention she seeks and the fame she gets is a facade covering up her inner troubled self. While she looks like a party person from the outside,she really doesn't want anyone to know her real self. She also took a lot of self defense classes (kung fu). She's a skilled martial artist.

Of course the two hide a secret about them and their family. They feel very lonely and they feel like nobody would ever understand them so they cling to each other. They've always been the best of friends and loving sibilings.
[Image: Ginger3_Copia.jpg]
Nice. I thought so, it's great to take something and expand it until it's your own :)

I'd be interested in reading about it, hopefully someday in the future.
I'm planning on creating an RPG videogame about this story. I decided to take gravity falls as the main inspiration and make something of the same genre (mystery solving, weird town), but also original in its own way. And make it in a videogame.

Here are some very early concepts. I'm still not involved in the project muh but if people might be interested, i could consider.

[Image: Ginger3_Copia.jpg]

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