Blue Bar is ugly
it's not a fitting color or style. every other color on the shack's layout is muted and the green bars have a gradient effect, the blue bar is bright and flat. please change
I'm gonna have to say I agree. It doesn't fit with the rest of the forum. If some other bars were blue, and a gradient effect was added to it (like the rest of the forum), I could see it working, but at the moment, no.
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I think it's supposed to be this image:

but that's not loading for me. For as long as the image is broken, it'll show up as blue.

I have the fix on hand and have just sent it to Seeker, hopefully is addressed soon
(the current fix just makes it look the same as the other green gradients, but it can be changed to blue if that's preferred)
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My opinion on the matter Hehe!

code has been updated and the changes should take effect with a hard refresh. if that doesn't work, clear your cache, and if that doesn't work, say something, because that is a problem.
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Well done.
I was wondering what that was. Yeah, it didn't mesh well with the other colors.
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