JoyStar's Art Thread
As a note, I'm not entirely an artist, so I don't expect to see a ton of art from me. But I will post a few things, though for now I have just one:

[Image: g0I3m3J.png]

This is the picture that I was working on a few nights ago before I fell asleep and had that weird dream I brought up in the Gravity Falls dreams thread the other day. So this was basically inspired by my Bill dreams, hence the eyes at the top.

Also, are we allowed to post Gravity Falls crossover art here too?
Triangulum, entangulum.
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[Image: weirdmageddon2_by_cuppycakekitty-d9kdjsm.png][Image: bill_cipher_fan_button_by_taffytamuttonf...8iduwp.png]
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