The Flock
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Welcome to the island of Arkeas.
A lush paradise rich with flora and fauna, it is undiscovered by humans and the other creatures that inhabit the rest of the world. The island is enchanted with a deep, powerful magic, older than the world itself. But in this utopia, there's a more sinister force at work.

And one peculiar day, a group of outsiders are cast onto the island. None know how or why they are there, but there's no way out. They are trapped in a dangerous land, and they need to get out of the false paradise before they all meet their fate.
But there's a twist in this tale. You see, when our travellers woke up on Arkeas, they discovered a rather...unusual ability. No matter what they are, monster, human or machine, they are able to transform to a bird at will. And as they began to starve and cling onto any chance of survival, tensions began to rise - not only between the evil of the island and the group, but also among them, and slowly, their primal instincts begin to take over. With the birds dividing into alliances - or flocks - on the brink of war among themselves...will they find a way to escape the island, or destroy each other before it's too late?

When making your character, please make sure you specify their regular form and what bird form they will have. As a regular form, you can have non-human characters. Thay can be from any universe, but can't know about Arkeas.

As for the evil force on the island? Well, that's currently TOP SECRET, as more info about them will be revealed as the plot goes on. All I'll say now is that they're a cult of...strange things. As you find out more about them, I'll let you make another character to be a part of their cult, if ya want.

NAME: Ivy Soliel


GENDER: Female

AGE: 32

BIRD: Magpie

Appearance: 5'9", with a build more on the slender side. Her skin is rosy and lightly freckled across the bridge of her nose and forehead. Her eyes are large and slightly inset, a warm, hazel colour that looks almost golden in the sunlight. Her hair is a coppery colour, starting off dark brwn at the roots and fading into a rusty red, before becoming slightly paler at the tips. It is past shoulder-length, wavy and sometimes mildly frizzy. She looks more or less like Emily Lubitz.
Ivy wears a pair of blue jeans, a loose, baggy gray t-shirt with a black backpack and a black hoodie. She also wears dark brown hiking boots everywhere, regardless of location.

PERSONALITY: Ivy is always up for a challenge, whether it's scaling trees or dividing up rations. She's athletic, however is also intellectual and logical. She can come across as being ignorant, however, she's most likely just invested in the task at hand.
She is stubborn, grumpy and bull-headed, and doesn't like socialization, keeping to herself most of the time. She is fiercely independent and considers accepting offers to help are a sign of defeat. She is extremley determined to her cause and will often rebel against rules, a natural leader rather than a follower.
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NAME: Tylasia Aurias (yes i know i'm fucking lazy with names)


GENDER: Female

AGE: 15

BIRD: Azure Kingfisher

Appearance: 5' 7", a redhead with curly and decently long hair. Relatively average posture, a bit bent back. Wears short jeans, a black shirt with an orange, constantly unzipped jacket. Think Dipper for the clothing, except his shirt and jacket colors are swapped.

Personality: Not the best person to be fighting, Tylasia is quick, nimble, and strong. While also being quite intelligent, Tylasia's emotions are easily triggered by being pushed the wrong way. Tylasia is never one to back down from a challenge, even when she knows she'll fail. Who knows if this is just idiocy speaking. She's very easy to make enemies with, but also easy to make hard friendships with.
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NAME: Selena Alex

SPECIES:Demi-god (Athena)

GENDER: Female

AGE: 13

BIRD: Red Bellied Falcon

Appearance: 5' 6.5", long blond hair (always in a ponytail). Stormy gray eyes that look like they can look into your soul.Wears worn jeans, short sleeve orange t-shirt, and some black boots. A sheathed dagger is always hanging from her jeans (unless she is using it).

Personality: Hates to not know what is happening or being wrong. She often acts like she is smarter than everyone. She is normally pretty nice unless you are her enemy then she will murder you without any thought. She is really good at fighting so don't cross her. She loves to read but also enjoys a good joke. She is fast and strong.
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Name: Richard Pines

Species: Human (Demonic abilities)

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Bird: Crow

Appearence: Short-cut brown hair, piercing red eyes and pale white skin. Wears a dark suit, has a walking cane and a tophat with a golden eye on the front. Wears black dress pants and dress shoes. Also wears black gloves

Personality: Intelligent and cunning. Has a deep interest in the occult and the mysterious. Spends his time practicing magic and wielding the powers of unknown worlds.
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Name: Yefreytor Aleksis Pyortni

Species: Human (Russia, circa 1918)

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Bird: Eurasian Eagle Owl

Appearence: A tall, husky man with greying (formerly black) hair, and a distinctive set of sideburns, with the mustache to go with them. Is missing an ear. Wears a patched greatcoat with his rank on the shoulders, as well as a fur hat, boots, a bandoiler stuffed full of ammunition, and occasionally a gas mask. Carries a Mosin-Nagant M1891 bolt action rifle with socket bayonet and scope, a combat knife, and five grenades- three concussion, two chemical.

Look like this with all his gear on: [Image: File:Russian_soldier.jpg]

Personality: Aleksis is a cynical man, weathered by the horrors of war. He cared neither for the Tsar or the Bolsheviks, but he did care about himself and his friends. When he was sent to the warfront, he didn't give a shit. When he was told to pick up a rifle from a dead ally and start killing Germans, he didn't give a shit. When the shell shock began setting in, he didn't give a shit. When he was whisked off to some god-forsaken spot in Sibera, where the supposedly dead Grigori Rasputin was working with his ice witch half sister from another world and a bunch of notes stolen from Nikola Tesla to bind Baba Yaga and steal her power (long story), Aleksis didn't give a shit. He did give one, however, when was expected to stand by while his fellow soldiers had their sanity, blood, and souls stolen by vampires, daemons, and other horrifying creatures. So he rallied his allies, and stole Baba Yaga' s Dancing Butt (similar to but disctinct from her Dancing Hut) to escape to realms beyond. Two months of adventure in the Omniverse later, his friends are gone, the Butt is gone, he's God knows where, and Aleksis is a very pissed owl.

So to summarize, Aleksis generally doesn't give a shit, but if he does make a bond, that loyalty is everlasting. He is a cynical war vet whose goal in life is to survive the current events, then figure out a real goal. Is fond of poker, alcohol, fighting, and tinkering. Considers himself an amateur weapons engineer.
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Name: Duncan MacHuxley

Species: Human (New York, NY, circa 1985)

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Bird: Bee Hummingbird

Appearance: He's a little on the the short side, only 5' 7". A little bit stocky, with muscular arms. He has short brown hair, hazel eyes with weather-beaten tan skin. Generally wearing a grey suit or jeans and flannel.

Personality: He's quite the stingy miser with everything but manners and friendliness. A street performer at heart, and a self-made-man. A natural skeptic, too. College drop-out, but has street smarts. Generally quite affable, but self-serving. He'll be nice to you, but survival is his top priority. His survival, that is. It may not show, but he beats himself up over everything wrong he's done.
If salty and bitter are flavors, why isn't spite?
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My favorite scene Remember- EVERYTHING is a conspiracy! I'm keeping: the infinity sided die, the gyphon from DD&mD, Dippy Fresh's Corpse, and *Mabel's Gummy Worm Video*
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