Dipper as the Author AU, anybody?
So, recently, I haven't been able to stop thinking about an alternate timeline where Dipper was the author of the journals. I can see a lot of interesting different scenarios that could be played out and I'd love to RP it! It's been a long time since I've done any group RPs so I'd personally prefer one on one, if that's OK, but I'm definitely up for doing the same premise with multiple people.
So if Dipper's the author, then do the other characters do a switch-around, or is it like a complete AU thing?
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Well, I haven't thought out everyone's exact roles in it, mostly just him and Mabel switched with the Stans and thirty years later, the Stans are the great nephews who found his Journals. I would love to talk about any other switches though!
Sounds kinda fun, but not sure if I'll join

So Mabel would be a con artist running a tourist trap?
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Well, she'd probably have a different approach to it, but that's pretty close.
I'd be up for this if you were going to go ahead with it!
I imagine Mabel running not a tourist trap, but a place where she sells her crafts. Judging by her personality, she'd be very honest with her customers and laid back, but still pretty business-savvy.
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Ah, sorry it took me a bit to get back to this. Real life can really hit. At least, a while by my standards. Anyways, yeah, that sounds like a good interpretation of this version of Mabel! I would love to go ahead with it, but I wanna make sure that all the more major details are ironed out before actually starting anything.
So then, so far we have:
-Mabel as the owner of the Shack, selling crafts and stuff.
-Dipper as the Author
-Stan and Ford as Mabel and Dipper, respectively.

It would be kinda cool if Wendy was swapped with Manly Dan and Soos with Abulieta (though she'd need a different name - Maria, maybe.)
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I like how Abuelita's name is literally just, "gran." Like, she doesn't even have a real name. :P
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I think Maria would make the most sense for Abulieta's name and the switch of Manly Dan and Wendy sounds really good too.

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