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(12-05-2016, 01:49 AM)CoffeeGrunt Wrote: As much as I'd like to objectively discuss this, I'm sorry, but equating homosexuality and paedophilia is a massive insult to homosexuals. One is consensual between adults, the other is not. My general rule is, "so long as no-one is hurt," which obviously, yeah, paedophilia doesn't exist meet that rule.

As stated previously, I am not equating homosexuality with pedophilia. I am pointing out that the causes of homophobia are the same as the causes of society's disapproval of pedophilia: heteronormative attitudes that reject anything people aren't used to seeing.

In my opinion, it's fantastic that many liberal Western democracies have or are moving towards normalizing LGBTQ+ relationships. However, you can't ignore the fact that homophobia remains widespread elsewhere in the world, where many continue to reject homosexuality with vigor similar to that applied to incest and pedophilia. I don't agree with the homophobic points of view of those folks, but you can't deny that they exist.

I was using homophobia as an analogy to make my argument more clear, though my apologies if the opposite happened. Nefari puts it more succinctly; to paraphrase, essentially I am just saying there's no reason to judge others for their personal preferences, and this applies to Pinecest as much as anything.

(12-05-2016, 01:49 AM)CoffeeGrunt Wrote: Slavery was also an old world value, yet we have mostly moved on from that. Ancient Greece was hardly a great place to gain moral ideals from. There's also not enough proof to claim that pederasty was as common as you purport. If we were discussing historical text then allowances could be made, but we're discussing media made in the current day, ergo the social structures of the current day apply.

My example with pederasty was intended to illustrate that different people have different points of view. If you'd prefer a different example, perhaps try this:

Put yourself in the shoes of a homophobe. You don't understand why anybody would engage in a non-heterosexual relationship. Now, do you blindly oppose measures such as legalizing same-sex marriage, or do you attempt to understand why progressives are advocating for LGBTQ+ equality?

If you expect homophobes to try and understand why others are in support of LGBTQ+ rights, then the inverse is true: progressives should try to understand why homophobia exists in the first place.

Investigating the opposing argument opens your eyes to things you didn't see before, and helps you understand — rather than judge or oppose — others who may be different. And the same applies to Pinecest shippers.

(12-05-2016, 01:49 AM)CoffeeGrunt Wrote: I'm just saying that I'm acutely aware that the people shipping Pinecest probably aren't the same age as the characters they're shipping, and it weirds me the heck out.

Are you weirded out exclusively by the fact that Pinecest shippers are likely older than 12, or by that fact in conjunction with the incestuous aspect? Would you have a same response to the shipping of other characters around the same age? (namely, combinations of Dipper or Mabel with Pacifica/Candy/Grenda/Gideon)
Jesus guys, it's only my (and some of you share that opinion too) unpopular opinion I shared. That's it. Move on, not that big a deal anyway. As the show increasingly gets older, ships die. So yeah, anyway got any other unpopular opinions?
Shine on you Crazy diamond...
^ no one here is getting into an argument, it's okay to discuss these things. Incest in particular is controversial across every fandom, so it's hardly irrelevant. but IMO shaming of any kind is kinda a big deal.

that said, it probably is better to get this back on topic, so for continued discussion of shippings we would do well to hop on over to this thread.
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Sorry re conflating your intentions, Rep, I've just dealt with a lot of people who equate homosexuality to paedophilia, even those who call themselves Progressives.

Also re my, "as long as no-one gets hurt," rule, I should probably note that's without their permission. I.e., if someone wants to take up boxing, go tombstoning or try BDSM, that's their business. Children, by definition, can't consent to stuff like that, so they fall outside of it. Forcing someone into a boxing match also doesn't qualify, for example.

Different people have different morals and viewpoints, but that doesn't mean that all opinions were created equal. Some opinions have the weight of evidence behind them, others are backed up by simple disgust or hatred. The two are not equal, in the same way the opinion of a Vaccinologist and the opinion of Jenny McCarthy with regards to vaccines are not equal. One has an intimate education on the subject and can understand how it operates, the other thinks it causes autism and has mercury in it.

In the same way, simple, blind dislike of something isn't an argument in itself. Peanut butter is disgusting stuff, but it's not my mandate to ban it. It's part of the overly-invasive mindset to dig into other peoples' private lives between consenting adults rather than letting people get on with their short, fragile lives in this vast and uncaring universe. :P

Also I don't hate people who do Pinecest nor do I think they should be banned, I just don't want to see it, hence why I haven't bothered looking it up. I've seen enough to know that people are weird in ways that will continue to surprise me, so I know there's nothing I can do to stop it.

I mean, I was in the brony fandom for a while. *Shivers.* That was a weird ol' place.
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(12-05-2016, 06:37 AM)Nefari Wrote: that said, it probably is better to get this back on topic, so for continued discussion of shippings we would do well to hop on over to this thread.

Sometimes I kinda wish GF was the kind of series that could carry on and find new life in new shows like MLP (other examples in Star Trek and Doctor Who though). I think shows like that very rarely come close to the level of quality of Gravity Falls but there's something great about how it inspires creativity and revisits each generation.
Mmm, I suppose you could, but it's very hard to find a fundamental character or essence to draw from. E.g., Batman has had a multitude of iterations from Grimdark Affleck to Adam West, and that doesn't come close to the breadth of the comic releases.

Yet it's always different interpretations of the same characters.

I'm not sure what there is in GF that really would work like that. It's a more focused story that isn't as open to comic book reinterpretation.
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I think season 2 part 2 (The episodes after ATOS) is rushed and emotionless and crappy at times.
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Yeah it would never work Grunt, still it's that aspect of new life that I can't help but sometimes wonder about and find attractive.

Hm, I actually agree a little bit AD1 but I think there's something of a perspective issue going on as the episodes are little to no different than S1 or before just with Ford in them. We just want and expect that because we know what's going down and the turning point of S2 was very emotional.
I agree that it was often rushed and sometimes crappy, but I thought it was pretty consistently emotional.

To be honest I think most of the issues I had with season 2 could have been fixed by just expanding it into a 3rd season.
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