Aye, mateys!
I recently discovered the Mystery Hull AU, and have kinda fallen in love with the whole concept. It's basically a pirate AU set in the 18th century, where Stanford and Stanley Pines are the joint captains of the Mystery Hull, which they sails across the seas in search of hidden treasure. Dipper is Stanford's apprentice along with Mabel, who was cursed into a mermaid and is looking for a way to change back into a human. Wendy and Soos are crew members. During a treasure raid, Dipper finds a cryptic journal listing a wide range of supernatural phenomena, including the powerful Time Wish: an hourglass filled with cosmic sand that can grant any wish. But once the sand reaches the bottom, it will teleport to a new location, so they must find it before it vanishes again.

Unfortunately, the Pines twins aren’t the only ones looking for the Time Wish. They are pursued by the Mindscape and its captain Bill Cipher, one of the most cunning and dangerous pirates in the world. He's joined by his first mate Gideon Gleeful, and a intimidating, weird crew, and odd bunch. (basically all the minor villains - Rumble, Giffany, Darlene, ect. as well as his henchmaniacs.)

I'd probably prefer a private RP, but I'm open to a group RP if enough people are interested.
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Okay, I have two questions.

One: Are OCs allowed? Because I'very found I'mean better at 'getting into the heads' of OCs, rather than canon characters.

Two: On a scale of 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates' to 'Pirates of the Caribbean', how piratical are we talking?

I ask these questions because I have this idea for a down-on-his-luck lich pirate who'a somewhat ruthless and is a fan of &ndra (the chick who wrote 'Taking Over Midnight'.)
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A) I'd prefer canon characters, but since it's a AU, you can characterize them more, if that makes sense.
B) Hmm, probably Pirates of the Caribbean - I hope.
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gosh, if this becomes a group RP i am SO in. (i'm not up for another private RP though, so just if it's a group one)
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In hindsight, this should probably be a group RP. It has a whole lot of characters and I can see it becoming more freeform as well.
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...Magpie...I got all excited thinking we had a new user :(

(I would not mind helping start up this AU anyway though)
I am intrigued. Very very intrigued.
Let's do this! :D
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I'll be Wendy, if that's alright with all of you.
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