The book is actually turning out great. the problem is, i only have a fourth of it done, due to slow writing and the worst case of writer's block I've ever had.

EDIT: and now the young writers site is down. oh joy.
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Well, as for me, it makes me write over all things. Yes, I didn't do a things for my school for about two weeks but that was totally planned. Writing makes me feel so good, I didn't hesitate. Proof is, I stoped the 19th (hello exams) and althought I was totally exhausted yesterday, I started writing at diner (soup?) time and just couldn't stop xD
Anyway, I officially reached the 50k on the 18th and that's because 1,6k per day isn't enough for me xD

(Oh my, glad I write in my language, I must suck in english so bad!)
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