Songs that are similar!
Here's the thread for songs that sound similar to one another. I searched for a thread like this and I couldn't find one.

Now, these are coincidences, I think, but it's still neat to think about. Post some of yours!
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Have a chain:

Ok is it just me or does Shut up and Dance sound very similar to Dynamite. I had to play SU&D for band all year and even the first time I heard it I thought it sounded similar and started humming Dynamite. Specifically the main choruses starting with "Don't you dare look back" and "We gonna rock this club." It doesn't sound similar at first but if you hum the notes I swear I hear Dynamite in Shut up and Dance or maybe I'm just crazy.

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Temp Tracking means this comes up a lot in movies and TV shows. I'll let Tony Zhao explain it better than I could:
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