Did Kristen Schaal Hint At GF Coming Back In Some Way?
During the last charity marathon with Alex Hirsch and Dana Terrance, Kristen Schaal tweeted this picture of herself, Alex, Dana, and Jason Ritter.

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It look closely, you'll see some notes on Alex's computer. They say "Not a movie or a show? Maybe it's a.

1. Comic

2. Video Game.

3. Script for fun/internet.

4. Short.

I find this interesting. Just a couple of months ago, Alex hinted at GF comics coming on Twitter. Maybe this means they are coming soon.

I also find it interesting how the "Not a movie or show?" quote is a question, not a statement. Could this mean that Alex and Disney have been talking about more GF content weather it's a new show, a movie, comics, new video games, more shorts, or more merch.

Someone also pointed out on Reddit that during the charity stream, Alex said they had to go mute for about 3 minutes. After that, Kristen tweeted the picture. This dude brought up the idea that maybe Alex went mute to tell the cast about these new ideas and then had Kristen put out the tweet.

Some people also think that this could be Alex trolling us again. I would think that's possibilty if he tweeted this. He didn't though. Kristen did.

I think what has happened is that after the surprising critical and commercial success of Journal 3 this past summer and it being a NYT bestseller, Disney is starting to realize how many people love GF even after the series ended and how much money they can make off new GF content. That's why they greenlight the Journal 3 Special Edition and GF Pop Finyls. I think since then, they've been talking with Alex about new ways to continue the show and/or expand the brand. And I think the notes are ideas that both Disney and Alex have suggested and thought of.

What do you think?
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You kinda already posted about this in the "What If Season 3?" thread, dude.

Try not to repeat your posts, okay?
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I'd be hoping for a comic.

Also just a warning: please don't copy-paste the exact same post more than once.
I would be interested in all of those options, but a game is the one I would be least excited for. I haven't played the gnomes game myself but I've heard it was really disappointing and I would rather see GF in formats where the creators have more experience and knowledge about executing it properly/making it as good as it can be. And I'm not sure I could expect that from a GF game as much as I could a comic, script, or short. (Or a movie or TV show--I know the note says "no", but that's still what my preference would be.)
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not a ship
i'd be fine with another GF game as long as it's not the steaming pile of shit that was the 3DS game
GF actually has a lot of videogame potential

- lots of different enemies
- interesting story
- variety of places

really a videogame could be an amazing ending to the series, for now
If Romance Academy 7 and Fight Fighters are video games that means there are multiple copies with multiple Rumbles and Giffanies

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I'm glad Disney has at least some recognition of the value of television animation — the expansion of the Special Edition Journals and the newly rumored Gravity Falls Funko Pops are exciting developments — so if there's a chance they're courting Hirsch to participate in something more, that's always good news.

A video game seems unlikely given Disney's recent shuttering of Disney Infinity, and I'm not sure what "script for fun/Internet" would entail. However, comics or a short film (or series of shorts, a la Mabel's Guide to Life or Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained) would be nice. But what I'd really, really want though, is the series on DVD or Blu-Ray, an "Art of Gravity Falls" book, and other goodies in a collector's edition of the series, similar to what Warner Bros. put together for Brad Bird's The Iron Giant.
We want our DVD box sets and we want em now.

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